Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Small update

Hi all, well it has taken since arrival in Spain, but finally found a place to get some Methylated spirits, after a lot of blank stares as Ive trying to explain the stuff I wanted. For future info its called 'Alcahol Quemar', I took a chance and bought a bottle of the stuff cos it had the same warnings on the label, 'bingo' it was were I found parrafin which they use both for starting bar-ba-q's, a bonus is it doesnt smell, so that is even better.
Next success is the Hydrovane wind steering, have to make a bracket to fit it on the stern but have been assured it will work, after talking to 2 guys who have fitted this type to their yachts Ive made the right choice as well, they have all had other types fitted but say this is the best and no problem fitting to the boat. Of course its not as easy as that and finding a firm here who can supply the stainless steel has taken over a week. On a shortcut back to the boat I came across bar 'La Madame sans Gere' they sell Guinness!! first time couldnt remember going home, second time I got talking to the girls Sonia and Isabel about the problems of finding material, we were overheard by Carlos, who is working as a plummer here and comes from Madrid, cut a long story but he took me to a firm yesterday and the steel is now ordered and being made, soon to be fitted.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Test Message

Hi all again,
further to the blog this morning,
This is another test as Carolyn and myself still have an issue with posting, hope this time its ok
Forgot to mention how many hrs the engine has been running as if anyone is interested, well when on the point in Beaumaris it was up to 594 that was when the engine blew up! so since then we went to Holyhead, Beaumaris, Liverpool, Holyhead, and the journey to Falmouth, Gijon, Ria de Vivero and La Coruna. Concidering the times I was charging the Batts and fixing probs which is all included the hour counter now stands at 724 only 130hrs for this trip so far, I had full fuel in liverpool before leaving last year and we fueled up in Falmouth, not empty, Im not empty now either. So fuel wise engine is doing ok and is economical.
present boats Position: 43,22.4N , 8,23.9W.

La Coruna at last

Hi All, Well at last the boat is here, I arrived at 10am yesterday, signed in the office and went to ´the wet room´ and slept till 4pm, then shower do the laundry and then to the bars, a bit of Tapas and a few Cevesa normal followed with Mejillones al vapour, very nice too.
I have now logged 951.6 nautical miles since leaving Holyhead, think Ill be opening a bottle of champane soon as the first 1000 miles is soon to be reached. Pic is titled ´Lifes a Beach´ at anchor Vivero, hope to have many like this and prob bore the pants off everyone. The deal at this brand new Marina is 2 for 1, pay one day get one free! msg for Clew, no visiters moorings anymore, fuel berth has moved and your bar is still there!
I will be designing, and hopefully making and fitting a bracket to the arse end, this to fit a mechanical crew member called ´Fred´ (wind steering auxillary rudder) made by Hydrovane I´m hoping they say it will fit ok.

Lifes a Beach

Friday, June 19, 2009

Still At Ria de Vivero

Waiting for a weather window again, La Caruna is only 11hrs away as my next port of call but another bad forecast has kept me here today, force 7 everywhere in sea area Finistere!!! apparently there is a north west swell running into the Bay of Biscay too, and the predicted wind is North east, 90deg difference which makes for a very rough sea, I or the boat won't be havin any of that thank you very much. The town here is very nice, as are the bars. The local people couldnt be more friendly, my thanks go to the proprieter of Motomar, Luis proprieter of a hardware shop, Clara from information comercial and others who helped me very much with a slight acquistion of materials problem, both of which were sorted out AOK. The local beer is only 1 euro a glass, and a lot of bars and resurants have a sign saying 'Si Fuma' Magic! what more can I say.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Northeastern Spanish 'Ria's

As the weather is still very cloudy/warm with little wind, decided to do a couple of hops on my way to La Caruna. This coast line from the sea is very forbidding, and can be very rough in bad weather, its a bit like the rocky Cornish coast, just as spectacular. Seeing the Atlantic swell crashing against the rocks as you navigate into the Ria entrance, even with no wind is a sight to see. So I Left Gijon 2.30pm Sat.afternoon 13/06 for the 100ish mile journey to 'Ria de Vivero' arriving here at 1800hrs Sunday night. I was very tired after the trip but decided to anchor just off the curving sandy beach were the river joins the Ria. This meant a lot more work, just when you think you've finished, the dingy has to be pumped up, outboard motor unshipped and fitted, but the little dingy trip up the river to the Marina and the the local football bar in the old town with free Tapas, a nice cool beer and a Fag, all at the same time, it just makes it all worth while. Position: 43,40.49N , 7,36.2W. Had a wonderfull quiet nights sleep and awoke to a flat calm. The scenery here is something else!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

June Latest

pic downwind with home made whisker poles
Hi all, well its taking a few days to get my head round doing it by myself again, I was getting really used to having help with running the boat. First thing I did was go to the Guinness Bar, the barman Franco fed me about 5 pints (carnt remember) next morning mind was a blank sheet again so could start from scratch. Have rotton weather here, but will furkle a bit further today, no wind and that fine drizzle. I will make for Ria de Vivereo but as with any trip if it looks good for La Caruna I will do that instead. Thanks to everyone whos posted comments and support to Dick Sue and myself, all much apreciated. Looking now for a mechanical crew member that can steer the boat.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unfortunate misshap

We have had a misshap on board and we have broken a crew member, Dick. He has seriously torn a ligiment in his left leg and is in a lot of pain. After a visit to local hospital for x rays etc. he was told to heal will take 6 weeks ish, he will now be going home with Sue to recuperate. As you can imagine he is not too pleased about this, niether are Sue and myself. I will be carring on slowly and visit the 'Rias' of north western Spain on my way to the Canaries. Hopefully he will heal quickly and they can rejoin the boat soon. Weather here is warm ish but having a lot of rain from the persistant low's that are around at present. Time for some more little nigerly jobs to clear off the work list. Finally found the problem with engine to be the govenor slide sticking, so have repaired that and engine is back to normal at long last. More news later

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Leaving falmouth 2

June Update 2

Leaving Falmouth

Hi all, well we made it ok, Friday saw a low develop right in front of us at 9am, the wind had gone, then the wind came back from the west and increased all the way to a Force 7, staying there till we docked at 7pm Sat evening, whew. As you know we couldnt make La Caruna in that wind direction so we are now in Gijon enjoying the visit. More later

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hi all, Well a good weather window saw us leave Falmouth yesterday. We left at 12.45hrs from the fuel quay, (they ran out of deisel so not full). There was a nice breeze for leaving and very kindly Mr Chris Waddington (Puritan) of Royal Southern YC took our camra in his dingy and took some really good photos of our departure. The best will be posted when we arrive in La Caruna in a few days. The weather here as I write is wonderfull, we are going downdwind with our makeshift whisker poles in action and very successful, we are nealy round the corner into the Bay of BiscayPosition: 48,35.99N , 5,25.19W Speed: 3 knots, Course: 176 deg.
I am off watch now and ready for a doze after lunch, Dick is at the tiller with Sue on watch with him. We have an ETA of 97hrs too the breakwater at La Caruna. Keep your eye on the Blog.