Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Final Missing Blog Pic's 9

And here finally are the last pics.
Pic 1 and 2 alongside at Jolly Harbour Marina, with the top diamond wires and starb spreader removed, whilst getting them renewed.
Pics 3, 4 and five, photos by a well met friend Barry, being hauled out for storage at the yard.
Pic 6 plotter showing 9,306 nm since leaving Liverpool Marina in 2009.

Missing Blog Pic's 8

Here we have a trial sail to Marigot Bay after fixing everything, water was still coming in, and I was hoping this would stop as had been out of the water for a while. Didn't happen!
Pic1 Duncans Yacht 'Stephina'...following pics by Danielle, with her at the tiller helming GL for the first time.

Missing Blog Pic's 7

Here are photos of the old engine after removal from boat, and New engine ready to put in the engine space. Duncan helped me a lot and together, although hard work in 35 deg C with high humidity, we managed it quite quickly.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Missing Blog Pic's 5

Here we have my last night before leaving Falmouth Antigua, Passing Sandy Island, then nine days of no sun, Then the plotter ( not good photo) but with 773 miles to go Batteries were back up to 12 volts again, even though pumping 250 gallons of water out per hour. Last pic is pidgon when I made it back. Arrival photos were already posted.

Missing Blog Pic's 6

Here we have views of the hull condition on arrival back in Rodney Bay Shipyard St Lucia.
Note the sheared off stern fitting, damaged bow caulking, the missing caulking and the leaking starboard garboard plank, down the full length of the boat. Port side is only wet underneath the keel, from the missing sealing port side.

Missing Blog Pic's 4

Here we have the famous Mount Gay Jump Up staged in Falmouth Harbour at the begining of Sailing week. People are allowed on stage to dance, and its all done 'in peace'. The 2 girls jumped into the freezer van, to hot for some!
And here is, an as yet untold story; The band invited the audience to show how to dance Caribbean style, they do know how to move out there, they then asked the european and usa people to show them how we do it......... well the thing is, a ticket cost 40 EC dollars, no smaller, and for that you get 5! rums with mixers, I had had 2 tickets and was on my 10 rum and gingers later the band then played the 'Blues Brothers' ( 'I want you, you, you' ) song.......... no one was getting on the I 'jumped up' and solo on stage, miming the words, did my party piece dancing with all the moves! when finished I jumped off and hid!

Missing Blog Pic's 3

Here we have at the top 3 views from the top of Pigon Island fort and signal station. Falmouth Harbour on the left.
Pic 4 Tatulah (cat) leaving
pic 5 Aleria leaving

Missing Blog Pic's 2

Here we have
Pic 1 The Palm Frond weaver
Pic 2 Guests enjoying the rum and music
Pic 3 My view of Pigon beach in Falmouth harbour
Pic 4 Leaving Falmouth for 'Horta' 23 May 8 am
Pic 5 plotter posn 23 May 8 am with 2,158Nm to go

Missing Blog Pic's

pic 1 botm right Pillars of Hercules English Harbour
pic 2 botm left winners plaques
pic 3 enjoying the afternoon Shirley's height's
pic 4 The AMP Halcyon Steel Band
pic 5 'Atlantide' a very beautiful retro motor yacht

Hi Everyone,
Missed posting a few pics whilst involved in GL's troubles, it was difficult to get a solid internet connection and signal kept dropping out. So this series of retro posts starts here after the Racing in April 2010, leaving English harbour to Falmouth harbour Antigua. Spruce left for Bermuda very soon after, and Moonlight left heading for Grenada.
Alerian's, Daria and Alex (Yachting Journalists of the 'Classic Boat' Mag article) The Tatulah's, Ali and Shane and crew John + myself went for a final visit to Shirley's Height's. Then as Aleria waited for gearbox parts and I for engine parts, Tatulah left the anchorage bound for 'Horta'. A few days after, Aleria all fixed, left for 'Horta' via 'St Martean'. I was still there waiting for the parts and failed passport renewal, I then decided to leave engineless.
Everyone knows the story from there on the blog, so now the pics.