Saturday, February 27, 2016

A N NN other update from Provo

So here I am Saturday 27th, and all jobs to do finished!!! Thursday I took the boat out for a test sail, I invited Porsche and Adam to keep me company, we had a great days sail in the afternoon, I was so proud to have them aboard and to let them both in turn helm Guiding Light out through the reef with Adam on the tiller, and returning though the reef with Porsche doing all the steering while we put the sails to bed. What a magic day that was.
During the afternoon I checked my new generator output whilst sailing...IT WORKS !!!!!!!!! boat is now good to go, and now I am waiting till Monday and see what the weather will be doing this next week, so..... as to leave this gorgeous Island (sadly) and head back to St Thomas.
I have had such a good time here words fail to describe it. I have met so many people and enjoyed their company and conversation like you wouldn't believe,  Porsche and Adam run one of the best Marinas I have ever been too anywhere!!! everyone who comes here are treated by them like a long lost friend! 

Please check out their web site, you will find shit loads of photos of me there as well,
Porsche and Adam especially Porsche post the most amazing photos and give everyone a mention.


A N other Provo update

Hi again everyone,
Well I felt so comfy here I decided that at long last (after 5 years) I would rebuild the starboard side bunk and shelving to regain a complete interior saloon and be able to reuse the extra stowage space, and also be able to invite guests down below without being terribly embarrassed.
This meant that I had to paint it all for...again... 5 years ago... all the reef damaged bits that I have just had to suffer because I've had too many other things on the priority list.
                                                              Here are the photos........
my temp. clothes line wiring all had to be removed first (1)


Then the paint job, not only the hull side but underneath the teak deck as well

Because of all the reef damage, and ..........
This local bird fished on the dock every day, and caught serious amounts of Fish.
.........the repairs to the hull frames, they were not exactly the same size as before, so after retrieving all the stowed away woodwork that I had restored in 2012 (and had been carrying around in bits all over the boat!!!), nothing would fit were it used to be before. Following pics show the rebuilding and fitting of all these bits. Note the modified bunk seat that again at long last I made the access hatches in, I can now stow things bigger than a 4" cube under the bunk!
at the children's home another bit of local wildlife...the biggest catapilla I have ever seen, not sure if I would like to meet it after the metamorphoses has finished!   

 And finally the finished comfy Bunk with the beginnings of stowed stuff .

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Update at Provo.

Hi Everyone,
Wednesday 20th Providenciales Arrival Evening January 2016
I was received with open arms, everyone impressed by my boat and arrival, Adam and Porsche his second in command, whom I haven't seen for approx 5 years were having their annual Staff party that very night! (called Diamonds and Denim) in the 'Salt' Bar and Restaurant. So Adam kitted me out with a Blue Haven hat and 'T' shirt so I could fit in and join in the fun, everyone made me so so welcome. But..I was very tired after the trip so had to pike out a bit early and crash out.

Thursday 21st January 2016
I had to sort out my customs clearance quickly so that was top priority. Very kindly Adam and Porsche took me to immigration to extend my stay more than 7 days, I already knew it would cost $300.00 US to do that, (very expensive for an Englishman in a British Overseas Territory I thought) when I got there I found out I needed the Customs form first, but filled all their forms out in advance, I was then taken to Lunch on the beach and a 'quickie' tour of the Island by Adam and Porsche showing me all the places I would need to find. When we arrived back and after ringing the customs we arranged to meet customs at the Bar about 1700hrs. He was a bit late and we did the bis at the bar approx 2015hrs instead. Bed again after that.

Friday 22nd January 2016
Had found out they have Magic and I mean Magic internet here, so spent the morning updating my Blog to let you all know were I am and what I have been up too for the past month, after lunch they took me back to immigration and that job was completed, I now have till 26 March to stay for my visit here, and from what I've seen already I am going to enjoy this place a lot.

Saturday 23rd January 2016
Of course there are a few jobs to do on the boat, as always, so it was boat day today.

Sunday 24th January 2016
Hopefully the weather will have improved today so I am not held up with the job list, and my planned excursions into the Island. Weather front that got me on Wednesday is still affecting the Islands at present. Its now 7am and the wind and rain have set in hard, have cancelled any work today, but, not to worry, as Adam is an Aussie he has arranged an Australian Day Party for everyone, Captain and Crews on the marina docks, this with real Kangaroo Burgers and Pleeeeenty of beer! This started at 1300hrs it was very cold 16°C / 66ish F its the coldest I've experienced so far since arriving this side of the world!! as there was little else to do I let myself go and had a great party time ending pretty late!

Monday 25th January 2016
Was able to get going on the list today, so a big clean up began, having been tossed about so much on Wednesday there was a big mess and re stowage to do. Did a bit of a reconnoitre around the Marina and resort area, nice, also a bit of shopping at the on site market.
What with the wind and tide blowing from the north all last night the current in the channel must have been running at over 7 knts past my stern, boat has never gone that fast backwards in its life!

Sorry about the lack of pictures as I did have so many too post, somehow they went missing from my SD card while I was transfering them, probably had a senior moment and sent them to the trash but didn't find them there either. 
So a couple of pics of my new generator installation which I finished yesterday. I got it from China, and I tested it yesterday on full load. Had the engine in gear at about 180 rpm on propellor shaft, put 4x 36 watt lamps on and the fridge, so with a current draw of approx 12.5 amps voltage was creeping up past 13.5v, if that happens when sailing at approx 6-7knts  all systems could be turned on and still putting a charge in without the engine running.

Water in the Marina here at Blue Haven is really a lovely colour turquoise and what should be passing the stern....

2 Nurse sharks looking for bite to eat.
There are so many fish swimming about its as if the boat is floating in an aquarium,  

Duran (left) who guided me past the reef, and works at the Marina, was given the task of giving me a guided tour off the tourist track of Provincealas last Saturday. He showed me the local hot spots and we had such a good day out. Adam had arranged it on pupose to make me take a break and relax. This we both achived in good style, and ended up back at the Marina I don't know when....

for the required 'One for the road' ???? We had both had a good time and I had seen the real side and met a lot of the local guys and gals.

More to come