Saturday, June 13, 2009

June Latest

pic downwind with home made whisker poles
Hi all, well its taking a few days to get my head round doing it by myself again, I was getting really used to having help with running the boat. First thing I did was go to the Guinness Bar, the barman Franco fed me about 5 pints (carnt remember) next morning mind was a blank sheet again so could start from scratch. Have rotton weather here, but will furkle a bit further today, no wind and that fine drizzle. I will make for Ria de Vivereo but as with any trip if it looks good for La Caruna I will do that instead. Thanks to everyone whos posted comments and support to Dick Sue and myself, all much apreciated. Looking now for a mechanical crew member that can steer the boat.


  1. Glad to hear that you are keeping the flag flying, Roy. Good luck and success. luv, Margaret

  2. Hi Roy, sorry to hear you've yemporarily lost your crew. Hope Dick recuperates very quickly! Best tonic is great scenery, good weather and MORE Guiness!! Wishing you better luck Love Pat & Steve xxx