Monday, July 30, 2012

Hull nears complition

Hi Guys and Gals,
Had a bit of celibration last night, as finally I have finished the hull planks.
Both Planks have scarf joints, the top one with two. This one took me over 4 days to fit before I was happy with the aft joint.

 This joint had only a 9" scarf as could not get access to the plank at 12". The plank had also been sawn a bit different from the others which left the grain edge on, this made it very stiff to bend and twist to fit.
Every morning at the bar, were I go to for coffee, one or more ( sometimes 6-10) of the local Iguana's come to visit hoping for food scraps, some are very big!

Fitting the last plank!
So the reason not feeling 100% this morning, planks now fitted and rough faired, all nails in ready for riveting, and plugging.

That means now I have the two Garboard planks left to do. They are a bit of a different animal from the others, needing to be bolted to the iron floors as well as screwed to the keel, no copper nails, they are both also going to be about 15 feet long. Screws are 2-1/2" bronze to replace the brass nails that had come loose and caused all those leaks in 2010/11. Not suprising really, a plain round brass nail lasting 75years is nothing to complain about, they got me to the Carribean before failing.
Well its fuel tank removal next, have to empty it first. Only way I can drill the new bolt holes required.
More coming.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Boat work

Hi all,
A few pics to show were I'm up to.
After swapping labour hours I spieled the 2 remaining hull planks, marked them out on the wood and cut them with Morgan's help today. Later using a Chain Saw! he cut the scarfs on the hull and I now have to fit the panks on the boat.
Meanwhile, the Deadwood has to be replaced and have started that too.
Its coming along ok, not the perfect wood to use, but, its strong and hard wearing and is used extensively for Dock planking here and in the states, its just called yellow pine.

The first plank then, was offered up this afternoon, after I finish these 2 there are only the garboard planks and deadwood remaining to fit.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dingy saga ends

Hi folks,
Well just show the last photo's I have of the finish to builing of the dingey. Hope to carry on with the big boat now.

So as I disappear over the horizon on my way to the next great adventure, (coffee at the boatyard bar) I will post again when I have more pic's

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dingy Cont'd

Hi Everyone,
This week I got a bit short circuited, the yard finally gave me notice of moving. This meant cleaning the debris field around the boat, and, making sure I wasn't going to leave anything behind.
Thursday morning at 0800hrs I was ready and waiting. The travel lift though, didn't arrive till 1445hrs. I had become a bit restless during this time so trying not to wast the whole day decided to carry on with building the dingy. The following pic's are this time in reverse order = last one first.

Turned over to finish the bottom,
note the oak outboard pad, an extra by me.


Ready for prime coats


Fitting and glueing the transom reinforcing 2


Fitting and glueing the transom reinforcing


fitting and glueing the seats 2


Fitting and glueing the seats


fitting and glueing the bulkheads 2


Fitting and glueing the bulkheads 


Pair of second hand oars donated by Peggy, and being in the process of being restored

After moving it was the weekend before I thought of doing anything else, just trying to organise everything again, after the move was a pain. I had planned to only work on the dingy at weekends, so started that again. 
Now I was faced with the USA holidays, Tuesday Independence day, and 4 July. So being like a weekend I just carried on with the littleun.