Saturday, October 3, 2015

OUT at Last !!!

Hi everyone,
Well my shipyard stay is over, ended on Monday afternoon 28th. I did have a false start on the Friday before, found another leak when put in the water and had to be put back ashore. Managed a proper repair over the weekend, worked very hard in this 32 deg C too hot no wind summer.
The remaining pictures then follow as have come ashore to get this done after being in the water nearly a week. I am very glad to say no more leaks now that the planks have expanded again, Great!!

primed the bottom first
then the new type Hard antifouling
Han looking on, another single hander

Me with work in progress
you might remember this boat in 2010 Antigua classics
decision time do I paint the hull as well
some views of the boat yard

Yard office and exit
Its a nice place to do a boat up, quiet and with the beach lapping the shore
So Second launch into the unknown

And now not sinking but waiting the night on the fuel dock just in case

So a long few days of tidying the boat up has been getting done. I slept in my own bunk last night, first time since Antigua!
Where do I go from here!!! I'll let you all know when I find out !!!!