Monday, May 23, 2011


1= my crew 2= crew on board 3&4= making ready 5= at the start line 6,7,8,9= various pics of GL during racing. 10 on the Yard dock waiting to come out and fix the leak. 11&12= Catherines resturant and view of the English Harbour anchorage from the table. 13&14= 2 views in the Yard. 15= the repair. 16= view from Jolly Harbour anchorage with Nevis in the far distance. 17= GL at anchor just before leaving for St Maarten. 18= photo in a flat calm on my way to St Maarten
enjoy, More later.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

Jost Van Dyke 2

Hi all,
Thursday 19th. Woke up this morning and got stuck in with the bits I need to do, achieved more than I expected, I had promised to meet up at 1800hrs with wild fox and did just that, we had a 'todays special' at Foxy's, asparagas soup and fresh caught King fish as a main, magic, ended up on my own and partied with some of the charter people, had a great night with a bit of dancing thrown in!.... Then at the end, went to the dingy dock to go back to the had been raining quite hard but stopped for a bit, a quick dash to the boat should sort that.....undid the padlock and promptly dropped the keys in the ogin!!!...boat is also locked up like Fort Knox, so actually I really really need these keys!!!! I happened at that moment to be talking idle drunken chat, as you do, to a bloke sitting there on the dock, he asked what I was going to do, I said "jump in, what do you think", I then asked him to keep his eye out for girls cos I was going to strip off first, (no underpants on), after scrabbling around in the sand for a bit, underneath the dam dingy, the place were dropped marked with an empty beer bottle I just happened to have finished, I came up gasping for breath keyless! the guy then said "you know I work for the local scuba dive place, I'm an instructer there, if you hang on a minute I'll get a mask and get the keys for you!", well I had no argument with that, cut a story short he came back and giving me the same instructions (he had no underpants on either) he jumped in and straight back out again? he then handed me my keys! bugger! Well I just had to go back to the bar and buy this guy a beer, didn't I???

Jost Van Dyke

Hi Everyone,
OK I'm here, unshipped the dingy and outboard and went ashore to clear customs, made it just before they closed for the day at 1600hrs, met another single hander (Wild Fox) who also took part in the Antigua classic this year, so......., had a few drinks in Foxy's bar and introduced myself to the Man! ho ho ho, he is a great guy! got back to the boat about 1800hrs, made my tea and with all good intentions to go back to the bar, woke up at half past midnight! oh well tomorrow is another day!

St Maarten 2

Hi Guys & Gals,
Well second on the list of things to do, success! found a battery charger/shore power unit by Sterling UK, so cheap here being a freeport, don't think I could have done better at home.
Stayed a few days and had a furckle about a bit, made more new friends, hello to all at the St. Maarten Yacht Club.
I left Simpsons Bay lagoon on Tuesday at the 1130hrs opening bridge time, I made the decision to go staight to Jost van Dyke, this will give me some time, like about 8 days or so to do a bit of work on the boat before the regatta.
Had a magic sailing wind, all the way, and at 0815hrs on Wednesday morning entered inside Sir Frances Drake Passage in the British Virgin Islands via the Round Rock Channel, yellow duster flying, went right down passing all the islands at 6 knts, what a lovely sail I had!, carn't really describe how much I enjoyed it.
Well I made such good time, and after passing through Thatch Island Cut I arrived at Grand Harbour 'Jost Van Dyke' at 1200hrs! then... and in full view of the assembled yachts, most of whom are charter boats, and with as much professional expertise I could muster, I lowered all sail and went into the anchorage, I have to say here, a lot of places now have paying moorings, people squeezing as much US $ as they can from boaters, I of course being a sailor man and scary single hander (thier decsription of me) I have to do the anchoring bit for free, with everone watching how a seasoned salt doe's it!! well that is easier said than done, they put these dam moorings in every possible place you could anchor in the first place, but after a bit of a tour of the harbour which took an hour, I found my spot and dropped the hook.

Friday, May 13, 2011

St Maarten

Hi Everyone,
Well first part of the current plan has been achieved, I arrived at St Maarten late afternoon 12th May with only 40 mins to spare before the last bridge opening, then I anchored GL in Simpsons Bay Lagoon, unshipped the dingy/outboard and went ashore to find US Dollars, no more ECD dollars from now on. Went to the yacht club and 15mins walk to the ATM and back later, had dollars and a beer in my hand listening to live music at the yacht club bar!
Immigration today, there is no customs here its a freeport! and I desparately need a shorepower/battery charger, far too expensive wherever I've been so far, my original one spectacularly blew up in Febuary 2010, and has been sitting there on the floor in the focsule ever since, busted. Heres me a fully qualified electrical engineer and without the tools and bits, helpless to fix it myself (I've done hundreds of them).
My next bit of news is; I am going to Jost Van Dyke, there is a famous bar there called Foxy's bar/rest, and he organises Foxy's Wooden Boat Regatta on 27th May.....could be good fun if I make it in time.
More later

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On the Move at last

Hi All,
This msg is via Sat Com, (no Internet)
I am leaving antigua today wednesday 11 may 2011 approx 0830 hrs local time from :- position: 17,4.64n , 61,53.89w Jolly harbour anchorage.
I am traveling north, first stop Simpsons Bay, St. Maarten. Then British Virgins, then American Virgins, then......
More later