Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Game On, post 8

Hi All.
Just a very quikie, no pics.
To Let everyone know Guiding Light splashed April 7th 2014, at 14.45hrs wow, had a birthday party afterwards wow, have a hangover now, wow
PS boat is still floating today, wow

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Work Progress 7

Hi Again All,
So work is getting done, some quicker than expected and some slower, but everyday I am having at least 1 success and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer all the time.
Some more pic's then.

The 2 main sheet winches had to come off to finish the deck seams on both side,

Then after they had both been refitted sealing the teak on the covering board and toe-rail could be finished off

 Then the big move out could begin, first out the shed was the Mast

Then the boat came out, this was all happened on Monday 31st

So as of today the 3rd April Mast has been finished and fully rigged with standing and running rigging, it is ready for putting in the boat.
Last 2 days I have been fighting the drywood termites who have just had a queen and king launching with clouds of the wee beasties. Always at dusk as the sunset dies, there's me running around the deck armed with the most powerful spray known to man squirting them or as many as I could find, SCARY
More coming
P.S. Oh by the way I finally started the stove, its not finished yet, But, it doesn't look so neglected anymore