Sunday, September 23, 2012

Engine with detail pics

Hi All,
Well I did it, after working really hard all week in the very hot inside of the boat, Sunday morning at 10:30 the engine started first turn on the key ! To prove it I took the time to change the format and upload the vid here. If you look close you can see one leak on the exhaust due to an incorrect size clamp. other than that its all hunkey dory.
Detail pics follow
Front of heat exchanger
Raw water pump
new large size oil filter
Starter motor
propellor shaft generator (still producing 128volts at tick over)
heat exchanger gear oil cooler
New gear change cable bracket
Overhauled shaft to engine coupling
All finished on that project now. So a big clean up tomorrow and the the caulking sanding and painting can begin.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to work

Ok next pics of this weeks work,
After fitting the bronze fastening to the rudder, I decided get the tie coat primer on and make the boat look like a boat again.
 Began on Starb side
Then port
It realy did the trick. Now the Engine.
After a lot of de greasing, chipping, wire brushing, washing and rust treatment, the primer was put on.
And afterwards the new color paint job was applied.

Tonight Sunday, after overhauling the coupling and heat exchanger, also a little detailing, the engine is ready to go back into position. So I hope next week I can say its running again.

What a difference a day makes

Hi all,
Something I forgot to mention last week was a fund raising for a local guy I took part in, a 'Bachelor Auction'. Cos of the many pics, I've only chosen a few too show here.

The show begins
 You were introduced to all the single ladies present, then had to show off your wares so to speak. I did something different.
Jacket followed by socks
Having borrowed some 'gear' from a friend, and 'dancing' to Joe Cockers 'You can leave your Hat on' I started to Strip !
Then the shocker
First dressed in a bomber jacket, skirt and black socks, I finally took off a black jacket to reveal underneath a 'real' quick release type, strippers costume !
and the skirt
Then the skirt with lots of shimmies. I was causing an uproar with the packed venue.
Then after 'milking it for a bit.
imagine the music or play the tune while you look
And getting April, the auctioneer, to take off the bra.
it was quick release honest
I did a final pose, and scored the highest bid for the night. $100 !
Da Daaaaa
And NO I didn't take any more off.
Rules were, the winning lady has you for six hours, her choice of location, and her cost !
I'm not saying anthing about THAT !

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hull repairs FINISHED

Well everyone you'll have to tell me what you think !
Today the last bit of hull repair has been FINISHED. 
There will be deck and cabin top to do, also put everything back together again, and of course the caulking, sanding, and painting will be next, but its finished in my mind, I have my boat back again !

Some pics then of this weeks work, done I may say in very hot and humid conditions, with the high summer sun beating down relentless. "oh hell. Not another day in Paradise"
First pic after fitting the rudder shoe, deadwood put in position and the 3 pilot holes were drilled through the bottom, dead centre (after the bother getting the first one right)
in Line pilot holes

and how long they are
  me checking them out
 Then the last piece of wood for the sacrificial bit (worm shoe) is drilled out countersunk and 19 2-1/2"x16 bronze wood screws driven home. That took me a day to do

 Then the final shaping of the complete piece

 Then without the shoe its primed ready for fitting, this shows the holding bolt holes

 Then putting the rudder in its shoe

 Then after 2 tubes of bedding compound its wedged up, bolts pushed through, and using a 3 ton car jack, the heads are forced up and tightened up inside

 Then the primed worm shoe is bedded and screwed up squeezing the compound out using blocks and wedges (my screwdiver was too long) took me ages.

 But it all oozed out great

 And after chizeling out, the 2 side plates were fitted and bolted, then the sanding and priming, and now my boat is complete at long long last ! ............... !

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The engine

Hi again,
Some more pics of were I am up to at the moment.
Pic 1 after 4 days engine ready for extraction

 Pic 2 Extracted into the saloon

 Pic 3 what a mess

 After another 3 days of cleaning and washing, pics of treating all the iron work 

 pic 7 followed by 2 coats of rust converter and then primed with metalic primer

 pic 8 and 9 and finally after 2 coats of white bilge paint

 Engine room is ready to put engine back in
The other thing I did was remove the deadwood holding bolts, well I removed the two I found, but the third one wasn't to be seen, I couldn't knock it through  either. So during the cleaning a trial hole was drilled over 2 ft long through the stern knee and keel. I didn't get that right. So another hole was drilled, carefully! that was no good either, well not for holding the deadwood, but ok for the iron floor. I had over 2 ft to drill with a bronze 5/8 bolt fwd and aft, aiming at only a 3" wide bit of wood, It had to come out dead centre and miss the missing bolt and the other floor bolt still in position.
So armed with the 2-1/2 foot long drill and being very nervous I eyeballed it all again took a deep breath and drilled a third hole through the boat bottom. Success! missed the bolt by 3/4" and dead centre!
So now I can put the deadwood in position drill mounting holes, replace the deadwood and finish the last bit of hull damage.