Friday, May 29, 2009

End of May

Drying out after arrival Falmouth
Hi all, As May comes to a close it sees us still in Falmouth, there have been storms here all week and now they've calmed a bit but today 29th we have a strong wind warning again here in south west. This time waiting is not being wasted, there are a couple of annoying deck leaks we are fixing, also a mod to the solar charge and shaft charge circuits which gives more versatility of choice. Another trial 'temp mod' is for down wind sailing, we've fitted a new haliyard from the spares cupboard to the fwd mast head, aquired an ali dingy mast, and are making a couple of whisker poles to pole out the big jib, and spare big jib set flying. The sheets from these will be attached through sheet leads directly to the tiller, its a known way of doing it from the past, we will see if it works on guiding light. Roy lost his glasses yet again! and is blind as a bat waiting for specs to be made!  A diet of Cornish Pasties, Cornish Cream Teas, Guinness, Falmouth isnt a bad place to wait. The 'Bosun's Locker' chandlery have been helpful in our mods also 'Oddies Pub'. As to leaving, the 'UGrib' site is showing its ok for next week, we monitor this every day, so maybe 2-3 or 4 of June could be good for Biscay and our next port La Caruna.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Latest Update

Hi all,
We arrived in Falmouth yesterday morning in glorious sunshine at 07.45hrs after a really good sail down the Irish Sea, wind was force 5 to 6 for most of it but it dropped down and we had to motor round Lands End in a flat calm. The trip was very good but leaving Holyhead we got mixed up in a tide race off shore and took a huge wave on deck, this soaked our forward sleeping quarters which became untenable, all fixed now and we are adjusting things so it can never happen again. Sue produced gourmay food in difficult conditions, you carnt beat sitting down having savoury mince, mashed potatoes and fresh bread, and fruit salad all with silver service, this while the boat blasts along at 7knots sailing her self !!
Roy Sue Dick

Thursday, May 21, 2009

On our way

Hi all, Well folks we are on our way at last, we left Holyhead at 1950hs on Wednesday night armed with a favourable forcast for Thursday through to the weekend, present Position: 52,46.24N , 5,25.50W Speed: 5 knots, Course: 166 deg. very sunny wind light from the west. More info later.
PS. Holyhead Lifeboat men are friendly guys.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May Update 4

Hi All, Just to let everyone know we are still waiting for the wind to drop and change direction, latest forcast is midnight Wednesday so we have to wait a little longer.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

May Update 3

Vessel name: Guiding Light
Position: 53,19.18N , 4,38.63W

Hi all,
Well the winds are not looking good for us to leave any time soon. The boat is now ready to go with most equipment and stores stowed away, finding the right positions for everything is a pain and will be adjusted as we find the need. This wait has given time to get round to fiddley jobs we wanted to do in the sun but they are getting done now. Next possible departure is towards the end of next week, we will keep you posted.
Roy, Sue, Dick

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May Update 2

Heading for Ireland after the storm 2100 hrs
We left Liverpool at 11am on Sat 9th May heading for Holyhead again, ran into some heavy weather over 35 knots of wind, but by 2100hrs it had calmed and we headed for Ireland, only way to go because of the westerly wind. It took 21 hrs to reach Holyhead at 0800 hrs on Sunday 10. Open day began at 1300 hrs and many friends and relatives came to see us and wish us well on our voyage. We wish to thank all of you it was much appreciated. The boat handled the storm with no problems and has given the crew confidence in its capabilities, we all worked well together and can let all followers know we will continue to sail with the same safety and respect for the open ocean on our travels.
We will now be storing Guiding Light ready for our departure any time after the 16th May weather permiting.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May Update 1

on passage to Liverpool

Hi all
Well, the visit and open days to Liverpool have been a success, a lot of friends paid a visit over the bank holiday to wish us well on our trip. The Marina Bar at Brunswick Dock were very good hosts as well and we did enjoy Sunday breakfast. The weather has closed in this week so our plan to go to Holyhead has been cancelled, we will probably be leaving Liverpool on Saturday 9th now. NB our planned open days in Holyhead will be decided this week, may mean a delay in the departure date as well.