Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hi again,
2 pics of the bilge fwd of the engine room, all iron treated with rust converter, then all primed with metalic primer and then painted with white, yes white bilge paint! Teak mounting blocks for the tank are also fitted. Second pic is the fuel tank back in the bilge with floors just going down at last.
more coming

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hi All,
So the Deadwood saga begins in earnest. First pic is Sundays first trial fitting and marking out an acurate template. I picked up 2 pieces of white oak from the wood shop on Saturday, and glued the first bit to the bottom of the wood already stuck together. Then after making a lifting frame, making sure I could lift the now very heavy piece of wood, up in position.
I then spent the rest of the day sanding the end flat to fit the aft face of the lead keel.
Once flat, I screwed on the 2 location inserts, not glued yet, and had another fitting. Then holding my breath I cut out the rudder shoe and stern line part, hoping I hadn't ruined the whole thing by getting it wrong. 2 pics of this.

As can be seen, I did get it right, the shoe will fit ok on the deadwood and hold the rudder perfect.
I then gave the whole lot a very rough sand in position, and marked out the final shape I need to achieve. 2 pics of that.

So to bring it all up to date, Deadwood is now removed again, ready for final shaping and gluing up. The second piece of oak will be screwed to the bottom and shaped and is called the worm shoe. this will take the little bumps and scrapes I may do during the close encounters with the hard stuff they call land, and also give a worm barrier to the main part.
Now though the current part of this is the Engine. I have to finish priming and painting the bilge and garboards on the inside, replace the fuel tank, make sure the bilge pumps work! ( now complete the bilge can fill with rain water!) replace all the floors, move everything out the way, and last but not least, remove the engine out of the eng room. I will then be able to remove the old bolts so I can drill the holes through the new deadwood. This is going to take a bit of work, and I started it yesterday with the bilges in way of the fuel tank primed.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hull frame and plank 'End Game'

Next Job Starts.

Hi again faithful followers,
Some of the pics taken this week follow, its made me a very happy man to arrive at this point in the repairs of the damage to GL!
Of course one more large bit of wood to fashion to make her a complete, 'Hydrodynamic Aquatic Greyhound' again.
First fitting of the Port Garboard plank.
It took a few goes before we were happy.
After adjusting, the drilling and screwing in progress, again Morgan at the helm.
Left overnight Wednesday to get used to the bend and twist.
Thursday mark out thickness, drill holes for floor fasteners and plane down to size.
After that was completed, bedding compound applied to frames keel and garboard.
Then the epoxy mix applied to the scarf joint.
And at 2:45pm Thursday, all glued scewed and bolted together. I fitted the plugs and all left to cook for the night.

and finally with both planks sanded, faired and primed the planking is finished.

Deadwood is next on the list of 'things to do'

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hi All,
Have been at it all week solid! Friday and I am soooo pleased to tell you all that the starboard plank is now fitted, glued, screwed, rough faired and plugged up. Baring acidents, never to be removed again, by me anyway. A few things left to do on it, but its in, and fits like a gauntlet (I mean glove).
So a few pics of the happening follow.
Morgan couldn't resist taking a pic of my foot sticking out!
above and below preparing the frame ends.

I made a little dam, and filled all the frame end gaps with epoxy mixed with micro fibres.
Next came cutting the scarf joints.
Then spiling the plank cutting template, Morgan at the helm.
After cutting the plank out, our first trial fit.

Second fitting last night.
And this afternoon = the last two pics after gluing, and plugs in DONE

going to the pub now



Sunday, August 5, 2012

Preping for Garboards

Hi all,
priming in progress
I emptied the fuel tank and salvaged about 32 galls from it. Have been running the engine regularly so I know its ok. Then lifted the tank out of the bilge, it had moved a bit, opened it up, yuck, it was very dirty. Two days later its spick and span above deck while I treat the iron frames with rust converter, prime them and paint. Only 2 pics today then.
rare view of my design (1994) fuel tank. 1st time removed.
All for now, back to the grindstone