Tuesday, May 25, 2010

En Route to Horta - Laptop Broken

Roy has had a problem with his laptop, it is broken due to water. He indicates all is well otherwise and he will send updates for his position every day.
UTC Time: 25. May 2010 14:29
 19,22.85N , 57,57.30W
Speed: 5 knots, Course: 25 deg.
Destination: 'Horta' from Antigua
Cargo: 1 soul
To see Roy's last known position view the Google map here: Guiding Light's Voyage

Monday, May 24, 2010


Hi to all,
Well decision was made and I lifted the anchor and left Jolly Harbour at 0715 Sunday 23rd May 2010.

For the first few hours the wind was fairly light, so a pleasant trip round the top of Antigua through the Sandy Island passage, and then past St Johns to Starboard.

As Guiding Light started to head out into the Atlantic Ocean, I began to reflect on all that has happened to bring me to this point of heading back towards the UK. The journeys, the sights and sounds, and very important to me, the people I've had the pleasure to meet. So many people, a lot of whom I didn't really get to say a proper goodbye too. Every where I met such nice normal people I feel a bit sorry to have inflicted myself upon them, giggle, but I wouldn't have missed these times for quidsrillian amounts of cash. An invitation stands from me, that if anyone is anywhere near where I live in UK, please get in touch, you would be so welcome to stay and pay me a visit in Beaumaris Anglesey.

As the evening closed in, a dark ominous cloud was approaching me from the south east, as it got closer the wind veered to the south from the east, and at 1900hrs I was hit with a thunder storm, 35-40knts with horizontal rain, lightening, thunder, the full works, GL was bouncing around like a spring chicken with all sails flying, jumping off the top of the swell at 7+knts and flying down the back, crashing into the troughs sending great plumes of water and spray into the air, it was taking all I had just to hang on, so again I eased the sheets a little, I made sure Fred was happy, then went below and closed the hatch, a cuppa and a fag in hand, I watched the show, pretty spectacular to say the least! That one had past me by 2030hrs, as I came out I could see lightening everywhere around me, North South East and West, so have spent he night going through one after another, this didn't stop me making my dinner in the pressure cooker of four pints of lamp neck very lumpy soup, (watery stew) and very nice it is too.

And as I write this my present Position: 17,54.34N 060,03.36W Speed: 6 knots, Course: 75 deg.

more later


Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Movements

Hi All,
Now I know engine is a none starter, I have decided to cross 'A' without it, specially since insurers have said 'hull and Machinery' which I insured the boat for, doesn't mean the Engine! seems 'Machinery' and what it does mean is beyond me.
They have informed me that I am now 'Prudently uninsured' something else, that that statement is beyond my understanding.
Sugest everyone with a boat with a similar hull and machinery cover, checks what it means.
Tested the new Mod to 'Fred' by sailing round Montserrat at full blast, everything went very well, better design now than before.
Monserrat was very erie in the moonlight, the ash flows from the volcano look like an avalanch of snow has happened, there are people still living very close to it still.
I am at Jolly Harbour anchorage Antigua now, Position: 17,04.54N 061,53.92W, final shopping and customs clearance and I will be on my way heading for 'Horta', on east side of 'Faial' in the 'Arquipelago Dos Acores'.
More Later

Monday, May 17, 2010

May update 4

Hi again to all,
Stupid engine even with new bits still refuses to cooperate and point blank refuses to start ......... those dots are swear words, but every cloud has a silver lining so I now have a brand new green anchor! deploying it will be slow, think I need a 28lb sledge hammer for that. So I am going to be on the move again, hoping tomorrow will be good for a test sail, its been tropical rain storms and squalls (30knts) here for over a week now, test is from here Falmouth, and a 360 deg round Montserrat and back to Jolly Harbour to clear out, store up, then offsky to Horta in the Azores. Have a very kind offer from Berthons Brian May for a week either side of the regatta in Berthons Marina at half price! I will just have to see what the weather and ocean have to say about that.
More Later

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May update 3

Hi to all again,
Well I have never talked much about mundane matters as I didn't want to bore people to death, maintaining the fixtures and fittings has been a daily routine, fixing what wears out, greasing winches and the such like, but this engine of mine is going to be used as an anchor soon if it doesn't start behaving itself, the past week its given me so much grief, grrrrr. So still waiting for parts, if they come and engine wont work, I will be sailing home with no engine, taking it out here is not possible due to time.
I welcome any new people who watch or follow the blog, and I always enjoy reading the comments, I'll say hi to Phil, looking at the weather r kid, I will be following your suggested route. I am beginning to get excited and raring to get going again as
I plan this part of the journey, more adventures to come I think.

As a footnote, in case I make it in time, I have officially entered GL in the British Classic Yacht Club Regatta at Cowes IOW in July, sponsored by Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge 2010, and a regatta magazine sponsored by Berthon Boat Comp.
Lets hope it all goes to the mouse's plan (H.G.to the G.)

Friday, May 7, 2010

May update 2

Hi everyone,
Well I am still waiting for my engine bits to arrive, it has gone very quiet here now, Antigua Race Week has finished as well and a lot of boats have now left, leaving the anchorage quite empty. It has given me time to ponder on what happens next, and as I looked through all the free mag's I was given, something popped up and grabbed my attention.... the British Classic Yacht Club, Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge 2010!!! in July at Cowes IOW....WHAT IF??? its just a thought, it could be good though.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May update

Hi all,
Fred has been put back again with slight mod to frame, I'm hoping this will make it stronger for the return across the Atlantic, I will test it first of course, right now the latest part to fail are the heater plugs on my engine, its never started without them, so engine is a no go at the moment. This Atlantic crossing is the tough one, weather can change on a daily basis, right now the Azores high is over Bermuda?? so as the days go by I will be keeping a close eye on weather developments, as I said before there are quite a few going back to UK, we are arranging a Net so we can keep in touch, important to swop info on passage.
I have been contacted by the Helicopter photo team to view the photo's they took of GL, they did tell me they had some really good shots from the air in the AYC one night but said I had to wait to see them, I've had a look and WOW. check www.airphotoregatta.com will have to save up to get a few of those for GL's history file, and my wall!
have some e-mailing to do so more later.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hi again,
A few more pics of GL whilst racing, these pics by Jason of Jason Pickering Studio, in English Harbour, please note they are copyrighted so don't sell any without asking first. Have 32 images by him, became friends whilst here.
More to come. Check out the web site Ann commented about, there is a really nice photo there too.