Monday, November 3, 2014

Update to Nov. 3rd 2014

Hi all,
Internet again yippee!

A few pics of various beach parties (with bars! & beaches!) just been chillin! and enjoying the scene, guys, touch wood, nothing bad has reared it's ugly head, and I have been enjoying the freedom of changing the view from my galley porthole at will! Its now November 3rd, so enjoy bonfire night to all at home. Not sure what I will be doing this Wednesday, but there's bound to be something going on.
So pics follow........

These pics are of Hog Island and Rogers Bar Grenada, Taken on a regular Sunday after noon BBQ, Suzie who owns Spirited Lady in the swim suit, is now a good friend, there were all 8 UK Spirit Boats at Antigua Classics this year

And on my way back to the boat I was treated to a lovely sunset.

Next pics are from Sunday after noon BBQ  at White Island Carriacue, we joined the fishermen and their families/friends, they took us there in the high speed fishing boat, getting ashore was a job in the surf with all the supplies. A magic day ending in a high speed blast back to Tyrrel Bay with another amazing sunset.

So all up to date again, I will be going to St Lucia again soon, This will involve a work list of things I need to fix or re furbish........