Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Small update

Hi all, well it has taken since arrival in Spain, but finally found a place to get some Methylated spirits, after a lot of blank stares as Ive trying to explain the stuff I wanted. For future info its called 'Alcahol Quemar', I took a chance and bought a bottle of the stuff cos it had the same warnings on the label, 'bingo' it was were I found parrafin which they use both for starting bar-ba-q's, a bonus is it doesnt smell, so that is even better.
Next success is the Hydrovane wind steering, have to make a bracket to fit it on the stern but have been assured it will work, after talking to 2 guys who have fitted this type to their yachts Ive made the right choice as well, they have all had other types fitted but say this is the best and no problem fitting to the boat. Of course its not as easy as that and finding a firm here who can supply the stainless steel has taken over a week. On a shortcut back to the boat I came across bar 'La Madame sans Gere' they sell Guinness!! first time couldnt remember going home, second time I got talking to the girls Sonia and Isabel about the problems of finding material, we were overheard by Carlos, who is working as a plummer here and comes from Madrid, cut a long story but he took me to a firm yesterday and the steel is now ordered and being made, soon to be fitted.


  1. I posted a mssg on the wrong update.. I put it on an older one by accident!!? Whoops a daisy xx LB

  2. Haven't heard from in ages, Roy - how's things?

  3. Roy - will you update this blog? How are things going and what's the latest? Hope you're ok and well. Gill XXX