Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hi all, Well a good weather window saw us leave Falmouth yesterday. We left at 12.45hrs from the fuel quay, (they ran out of deisel so not full). There was a nice breeze for leaving and very kindly Mr Chris Waddington (Puritan) of Royal Southern YC took our camra in his dingy and took some really good photos of our departure. The best will be posted when we arrive in La Caruna in a few days. The weather here as I write is wonderfull, we are going downdwind with our makeshift whisker poles in action and very successful, we are nealy round the corner into the Bay of BiscayPosition: 48,35.99N , 5,25.19W Speed: 3 knots, Course: 176 deg.
I am off watch now and ready for a doze after lunch, Dick is at the tiller with Sue on watch with him. We have an ETA of 97hrs too the breakwater at La Caruna. Keep your eye on the Blog.


  1. Well done on the downwind sailing, have updated the map with the latest GPS positions here, cheers C.

  2. Glad you have rigged up a useful piece of equipment and that it's working well. Hope weather keeps fair.
    Love Lynne & Ken

  3. Glad to hear that you are all ok, as we are here. Weather glorious here, but set to change apparently.
    Was thinking of you, stay safe.
    Love Marjorie xxx

  4. Hi there Roy & crew, hope eta was accurate. Have got car back safe & sound, house OK, will be putting the under way shortly.
    Roy,I need you to give me a call about something that came in the post.
    Love Lynne x x

  5. Weather sh*te here. No sailing today. Where is next target after La Coruna? Keep blogging...
    Rupe,Mer & Hol xxxx

  6. Keep putting in your Lat Long... its great to click on and see where you are.