Wednesday, January 23, 2013

update to today

Hi all,
A post at last. after the bunk was fitted work began on the head door and cabin door suports and framing, this has taken quite a while to do trying to line and fit it back now that its all changed.
First job then was painting and properly refitting the toilet floor and frames for the whole area.

Second job was fitting the remade non removable floors and varnishing them, then screwing them down in place. Then I fitted the tiolet and cabin doors after a varning sesion on them too.

next came the tonge and groove panel going fwd, after a lot of sanding and cleaning fitting then varnishing this part was fitted.

Then again the next planks were given the same treatment.

And a view of inside the head.

And then the planks that fit to the hull side were fitted and then varnished and fitted in position.
Finally I have the head back together, and now for the next bit. so a pic of me working on the wood I need, sanding, painting, varnishing and remaking all the bits.
She is begining to look good inside again though.

So more later when I can

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hi Everyone, Hope all had a good a holidays as myself.
I have been working hard fitting back the furniture during this time and have made good progress.
As there is no power or water on the dock many other things had to be done as well. The main thing was power, this was stopping me keeping my laptop charged up. On the other hand I had no internet for quite a while as well. As at today only 2 pics can be sent as it is a very slow connection, lots of pics missed out. But it shows how far I have come since the last post.
After fitting the oak panel the area behind it and in front was all cleaned sanded and painted out. The floor support, bunk front and new floor below bunk was finished, the bunk then and doors were fitted, all by the way sanded and varnished. I then have started on the fwd head bulkheads, toilet door and fwd cabin door, also the new floor support on the portside. So its been all go for me.

All for now