Sunday, April 30, 2017

3rd Post April

Hi All,
Well didn't get to post after all, just too busy having lots of fun and hard racing, Had the best classics since my first one in 2010! an amazing time on the 30th anniversary, my crew consisted of Rowan, Sasha and Rhys all from Beaumaris Anglesey (corrected spelling) Suzie, owner of 'Spirited Lady of Fowey' and Paul her crew. also on the trip round from Falmouth to English Harbour we had Suzie's two dogs as well (Chester a cocker spaniel also did the cannon and parade of sail) ! We had such a good laugh together for the racing and all the parties that followed, I took Rowan as my guest to the Owners Party at the newly restored and opened (By Prince Harry) Clarence House in Nelsons Dockyard, a first time to this party for me as well. we also did the steel band event up at Shirley Heights. I had a new palm tree hat made for me as I lost the last one, plenty of Dark and Stormy Rum drinks later we made it back (just).
I was able this year to beat one of the fast racing boats that beat me last year, I had to work hard for it though, on the Cannon race I actually passed her on the first leg of the cannon race and forced her down to fourth place every race, That gave me a Third place in class and a trip on the stage for the crew as well, I can not get close enough to even see 'Janley' on the race course, there was also another fast boat in my class this year called 'Vagabundo'  didn't see that one either!
My Crew are posting the pics on face-book but have promised to send the photos to me so I can post them, So only one pic of me with a big smile after passing 'Seefalke' and a picture of her behind me

Big smile as I passed Seeflake (looks like i'm on a speedboat judging by the wake)

SeeFalke after I passed her
So with a bit of patience I should have more to post later

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2nd post April

Well  folks that connection didn't last long, 2 days before it failed, never mind I have now moved from Jolly to Falmouth harbour been here a couple of days now, I am presently in Seabreeze Cafe at Antigua Yacht Club Marina plugged into their television socket !
All events this year are going to take place in English Harbour, including all the dockage, so will have to go there tomorrow and register to receive all the info and find out were they have put me. I have already tested the connection over there and its ok, so just maybe I will get time to post a blog inbetween the parties and racing, as its the special 30th anniversary not sure about that !
Boat dragged one anchor last night, put me too close to the shallows so was up trying to sort it on and off all night, it was sorted this morning once it got light, I'm a bit tired though today.
Have not taken many pics since leaving St Lucia so have none to post but if it goes a dolphin movie follows:-

The video was taken somewhere between St Maarten and St Thomas, only a short edit for the blog
Hope there are lots of pics this year, there are a few J class boats here and going to race !

Monday, April 3, 2017

First update April 2017

Hi Everyone, at last another update !
Well I've been on my travels again, left St Martin French side and went to Water Island St Thomas usvi, stayed there a couple of weeks, met a lot of friends and said hello to a lot of people, had a great time, did all the shopping I needed as well, one item has been on my bucket list since 2011, an electric windless for the anchor! Got a bargain in Island Water World here, and knowing I had the wages in the bank for fixing my own boat I splashed out!, (I am getting old these days and have a problem lifting it up if I anchor more than 10mts deep!) I got some teak wood too, to fix the Windless on a pad on deck, and have sort of worked out how to install it without ruining the look of a classic boat. After 2 weeks I left there and headed for Antigua on Tuesday 28th March and after a quick stop arrived at Jolly Harbour Antigua on the 1st April! I found out yesterday that they opened an internet cafe in the marina here (yippee) so first post this morning in comfort at long long last! will sort out pics cos its a good connection at only 80 EC $ for a week! So more coming soooon