Friday, December 18, 2015

Hi everyone
You would think the USVI USA islands would have the best internet in the world but not so.
So since last Blog I arrived in Coral Bay, St John USVI on Sat. afternoon in the middle of the thanksgiving regatta, boats everywhere. Found a mooring next morning, and the evening before got my arm twisted to take part in the main race Sunday. I did it with 2 backpacking lads from Lithuania both of whom had never been in any boat in their lives. So good fun ensued. Big party afterwards.
I spent a week there catching up with friends and had a whale of a time. After the week was up I went to Benner Bay in St Thomas USVI to visit all the friends I had made while fixing the boat. I also spent a week there.
I mostly went to get stuff that I have been unable to get anywhere else, also ordered a new part for the Generator. when the week was up I traveled to Water Island and have been here nearly a week now soon to be leaving for the Turks and Caicos Islands, last job is fixing the generator. I have done a mega shopping trip for food and essentials for the trip there and back, so I am all prepared for the coming adventure. It will be a test of my nerve and bottle as there are reefs surrounding everything there, and all shallow water everywhere in between. Its 500 Nm to get there so its the Big Test for GL as well.
So you are all up to date as to where I am up too right now.
In case I don't get another internet connection, I wish everyone all the very best wishes for this Xmas and New Year, hope everyone has a great time, I and Guiding Light are going to push it 100%
More coming when I can.