Monday, March 24, 2014

work progress 6

Hi Everyone,
So here are the next pile of photos, I had such a good connection they were posted full res.
As the work continued during the cabin repairs these are the pics of what was going on at the same time.
first seam caulked on deck
The tiller and tiller head were also going through the sanding and coats of varnish, 2 views of that.

The mast had also been moved and work began on that, painting and making sure there was no damage to the furniture.

Both deck flood and steaming lamp were gone and replaced them, what annoyed me most was someone stole the VHF arial and mounting bracket so had to buy a new one, also the all round white light had been smashed off the mast top, a new one of those as well has been fitted.

And the mast has to go through the deck,and as that has leaked for 20 years I've had the boat, had to do a repair and mod to the seal
New seal to fit after mast goes in

All varnished and any holes filled, plate hides all the old holes and damage that has been repaired.
seam three

As I was doing seam 3 on deck I thought I would repair the outer jib sheet lead as well and to my horror the wood had disappeared and no longer there, just a hole, So has to repair that which was a 3 day delay to everything else that was going on.

the beam underneath had been worn away too, so repair included that as well

old bits and new bit ready for a fitting

while this was happening I was repairing the aft hatch and sanding and varnishing that which became finished.

The next pics are of the repair to deck.

And next pics are of the rest of the deck being caulked once that repair was finished. You know its making me tied just looking at these pics and remembering the work.

But that is now done as well. During which the nav light boxes were getting a bit of TLC with a nice varnish.

And the boom was started, this time finally I am changing the colour to one that does'nt come off on everything.

The mast you will note is getting a quick varnish as well!!

So with that amazing Mega Post you all will be up to date with last weeks work, and yes! there is already a pile more gone on since then.
So back on track after the deck repair and I'll post again soon.
Time is marching on and I will need the stove soon it looks a bit sad and neglected doesn't it


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

5 th post

Hi Everyone,
OK have internet again and this is the best yet, Told you about the coach roof here are the pics
pic 1 finished coachroof

Pic 2 finish views

pic 5 finish views

First seam on deck repairs
2nd seam on deck
Work continues and more pics have already been taken and as I now have an internet source close to the boat comms could get much better