Saturday, September 13, 2014

Position Update Reprise

Hi all, After researching other wifi hotspots, I found one, so here is the movie I failed to upload, even after 6 hours, I kept trying till it got dark.

So now I test it.............

Yes its there ok, I have just watched it, quality is not that good but you get the idea, everyone was bouncing about in the swell, and/or because we were dancing to a good band.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Present Position Update

Clarks Court Bay Grenada
12 deg. 02.02' N
61 deg. 43.75' W
Well haven't had internet for some time now, this one is  soooo slowwww.
So after the Carnival I started a few maintenance jobs, but the anchorage was so rolley like over 30 deg. every second day and night for 3 days, I had to move!
I left Friday morning and picked up a mooring in True Blue Bay at 3pm, quiet at last, slept the rest of the day!
A few views

Dodgy Dock restaurant and bar

Couldn't get any closer

group of students I met and partied with

I stayed for one week then moved again to Le Phare Blu Bay, no go8d there so moved next morning to Clarks Court Bay.
Then on the week on Sunday a Dinghy Rock Concert happened there. So I had to go, I did try and  post a short video today  but after 5 hours, no joke I gave up on that, so just few pics instead.

This singer of the band 'The Unit' from Grenada has a voice so powerful it makes your hair stand on end
Sunset at Clarks Court Bay

Jam session at Whisper Cove Marina

and at 0730am today yet another tropical wave hits us with 60+ knts of wind and such heavy rain

Hope I get a better connection next time