Thursday, June 23, 2016

June update

Hi all, Some pics of the first job I did whilst waiting for the spares for Fred, this was after fixing and launching the boat, and going round to Jolly Harbour.

First Job was cleaning and getting rid of all the residue left behind around the engine room and Lazerette after going on the reef Nov. 2011 !!!, included the documents that were turned into paper mache, now like wood !!. That took a while, then the priming, undercoating and top coating, first 2 pics before starting...

The rest of the pics are different views of the finished gloss coated areas.
It took 2 weeks to complete and was tiring work in very confined spaces, good job I am a little fart is all I can say about that. I have also been knocking off the job list the little things now that every tool I have is out of storage and making life impossible on board. Summer is here and it is hot !! even when raining ! and just recently we have had a fair bit of that too.

I am now refurbishing Fred, all has been cleaned, sanded, new bolts nuts and washers were needed and finally covered in teak sealer, as of today I am re-assembling Fred and will soon fit the new parts. There is some welding to do as well, so I am on schedule to finish at the end of June.
Hope I can get internet wherever I happen to end up, here has been such a pain being internet-less !!