Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unfortunate misshap

We have had a misshap on board and we have broken a crew member, Dick. He has seriously torn a ligiment in his left leg and is in a lot of pain. After a visit to local hospital for x rays etc. he was told to heal will take 6 weeks ish, he will now be going home with Sue to recuperate. As you can imagine he is not too pleased about this, niether are Sue and myself. I will be carring on slowly and visit the 'Rias' of north western Spain on my way to the Canaries. Hopefully he will heal quickly and they can rejoin the boat soon. Weather here is warm ish but having a lot of rain from the persistant low's that are around at present. Time for some more little nigerly jobs to clear off the work list. Finally found the problem with engine to be the govenor slide sticking, so have repaired that and engine is back to normal at long last. More news later


  1. Very sorry for everyone aboard. Hope the injury gets right very soon. Thinking of you Roy and so are many others! regards, Margaret

  2. Commiserations to everyone, so sorry to hear of Dick's unfortunate accident - but 6 weeks will pass very soon, and then he hopefully will have healed sufficiently to continue with the trip.
    Glad you found the fault with the governor slide, you must be pleased about that.
    Will be in touch again soon Love Lynne & Ken x

  3. That's very careless, these crew members are just too delicate nowadays!!
    Get well soon Dick, commiserations Sue, left with the invalid! you'll have to keep us updated on Dicks progress.
    Hope all goes well for you Uncle Roy whilst your alone and nothing goes wrong!!
    Take care, Steve

  4. That is such bad news for all of you. take care on your own, and we'll hear all about things so far when we see Dick & Sue


    Phil + Ruth

  5. Oh Roy, What bad luck - - never mind - - as you said - - you can get all the little jobs done while you are alone !! All the best to Dick & sue, and hope he gets better very soon!!
    Stay safe Roy. Talk again soon,
    Love from Marjorie xxx

  6. Best of luck with the Hydrovane.
    Will be really interesting seeing a photo of the installation bearing in mind the bumpkin.- Simon ( Dickies of Bangor)