Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fire in the hold

Hi Everyone,
Well before the pics of the disaster which I fully expected to prevent me from getting to Antigua Classic Racing this year, this first picture I found on A.Y.Club site whilst I registered the boat to take part after all.
This Years Program Cover Photo, Guiding Light in full Flight

 What a surprise to find Guiding Light on the Front Cover !!!

 Next Pics are horrendous views of the boat after an accidental fire when the paraffin burner failed during cooking my evening meal, Have to say I was scared SH*********ss, took me about 4 > 6 mins to get it under control, another minute and I would have had to abandon her and lose the boat, the stove was red hot anyway from the cooking, so when the paraffin ignited the fire was so intense and huge, even flames traveling along the deckhead into the saloon and licking out of the saloon skylight !!! This happened a week last Tuesday and I can report in words & pictures a complete repair in time for me to get to Antigua.

Pic=1, 2, 3 & 4 (there are lots more photos) some views of the damage done.

pic-5,6 showing cleanup and repairs in progress

Pic= the rest after finished

All light fittings had to be re furbished and rewired, so now all is back to normal again.
I didn't mention earlier but it was my intention to paint the inside of the boat because its been terrible since the reef grounding in Nov 2011!!!  this after classics, I had even bought the paint, brushes, sandpaper etc. Thank the gods I hadn't already done it !!

And for the final news this post, during the works above, I have fitted a wind charger too take care of the new fridge power requirements, It can only be used at anchor or on a mooring or dock, and I have made it removable for sailing.

Pic= 2 views of charger lashed in position.

Have a Happy Easter everyone