Friday, February 10, 2012

Frames and more

hi all,
Well I got on so very well this last week and a half.
I have now completed repairs to Frames 11, 14, 15 and 16. They have been bolted to new sisters and all holes drilled ready for the copper nail and rove riveting. Frames and sisters 12 and 13 have now been removed ready for templates and new oak to be cut. Have a need for two more oak planks to do this. Frames 17, 18 and 10 will be the last ones to do, but they only have broken sisters, the frames are ok. So all progressing well.

There are other issues.
The vessel I worked on in St Maarten has had crew problems and I am now back on board as temp. Engineer whilst the owner comes and has his winter holiday. He is expected to cruise the Virgin Islands, which I now know so well. Hopefully I will be relived and dropped off at St Thomas when they visit there, this in 7-10 days.

I will be able to buy the bronze wood screws with the cash I earn for this little juant.

A comical funny and serious thing happed to me on my way home the other night.
My battered outboard has been in service now on Chris's big dingy. I left the yard, got on board, pulled the starter cord, the engine started, I overbalanced, and Spar-lash! I had my camera in my pocket, this one was not waterproof and is now dead! I'm not suprised as I was towed a good halfway back to the dock before I managed to climb back on board!
So no pics for a bit
More coming though keep tuned

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Frame 14

Hi Again,
had to rip the furniture out so that will need repairing later.
But have the second frame No 14 in place, all glued, holes for nails drilled and the 3/8" bolts fitted.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Another quick update

Hi everyone,
Just to let everyone know. I have arrived back in St Thomas on Monday,
and got straight to work on my own boat.
I have bought a pile of oak and have been templating the frames and cutting the laminations.
I am very happy to report the first frame (15) has been repaired and the reinforcing sister has been 'wested' and bolted to it. Pics 1 & 2

I have nearly cut out all laminations for frame 14...But unfortunatly the frame has broken higher up than I thought, so now I have to remove the furniture above to effect a repair.
Not expected and a bit more work when I have to put it all back together.
More info coming