Monday, August 31, 2009

Part Two

Hi everyone,
Well the second part of the jouney started yesterday 30 August at 0900hrs when we left Baiona Marina bound for Porto Santo in the Arquipelago Da Madeira 660 odd nautical miles. We had met a couple on another boat who were also going to leave for Purto Santo on Sunday morning and we both left at the same time, (Race ON) after sorting ourselves out and hoisting all sail the early morning breeze wasnt quite enough to stop us flopping about so we motor sailed the first couple of hours until the breeze got strong enough, since then we couldnt have wished for better wind, waves and weather, our exact position as I write this now is
40,43.90N , 10,33.61W Speed: 6 knots, Course: 237 deg. Wind north west F4. on a beam reach.
We have about 4 days to go if it remains as good as this. We had many ships pass us during the night as we started crossing the main shipping lanes at 2300hrs and finished at 0800hrs today, speed all night has been between 5 and 7knts. Further updates will be posted during the journey, Fred is driving the boat extremley well and saving Llew and myself a lot of phyisical effort.
More Soon

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hi All, Llew has now joined the boat for a few weeks, he arrived Monday night at Davilia Sport Marina in Vigo port. He brought with him many items I had left behind and a few new bits. So Tuesday we did a trip to the Atlantic islands that protect Ria de Vigo from the ocean and make it a safe cruising area. After choosing a spot we anchored for the afternoon and went to the beach, found a beach bar for a snack and a beer then back to the boat and sailed to Miera to anchor for the night.
I hadnt done any shopping for fresh food so we went ashore and had the local favorite of grilled sardines + boiled potatoes and some smaller fish also grilled, a few beers as well.
As the boat is now ready to go I need a weather window again to leave the coast, the next Port of call is Ilha Do Porto Santo in the Arquipelago da Madeira, its approx 650 nautical miles away so have moved the boat again yesterday back to Baiona, its a short trip into the Atlantic from here, we had a lovely sail till about 3.00pm when the wind dropped off, then motored through the short cut called Canal de la Porta between Las Estalas islands and Monte Ferro to the anchorage.

We will wait here now for some pridictable weather that will last for the time it will take, Im looking for at least 7 days of settled conditions for the journey, 3 of which to get away from the coast and into the Atlantic proper.
Roy + Llew.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ria de Vigo

Hi all, Have only uploaded video this time as its a 360deg view of Ria De Vigo, no comentary. I spent two days going to all the little towns around the Ria, there are many Viverio's (fish farms which appear to be rope grown mussel farms) to negotiate not adviseable at night as they are unlit, big and very low on the water, (nearly hit one at 6am frightened me to death) the start of video is the city of Vigo itself, then panning round (road bridge at the top) to the opposite side and ending with the Islands at the entrance, I visited them as well they are beautiful too, they have one magic place for cruising about here, well worth a holiday to, there is so much to see, most of the towns have an original bit of 'the old town' still standing. At Biaona I found a chapel that had been built by the Romans and destroyed in 1585 by 'Sir Francis Drake' the renowned (in Spain) English Pirate! I also found out the English gave this bay a name 'Bay one' it is the first bay outgoing ships from England would stop to take on water and provisions, gradually that name changed 'Bay uno' to todays 'Baiona'.
I am now ready to go to Puerto Santo in Madiera, Llew a good friend from Beaumaris is flying out on Monday for 3 weeks ish, and we will give it a go, weather as always permiting. Thanks to you Isabel, for your very good comment, its good to know I have many Galizian friends now, I will be seeing you again on my way back, meantime Ill keep in touch whenever I can.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Visit to Ria De Vigo

Left the marina at Baiona at 6am this morning Fri 07. August, as there are some high northerly winds F7 expected Fri and Sat, and I didnt like the berth in a north wind, have gone round the corner into Ria De Vigo to see the sights, went under the road bridge looking for somewhere sheltered to anchor, found nowhere suitable at the top so came half way back and am now anchored opposite the city of Vigo itself, the little bay is called Ensalada De Moana and the town 'Moana' Position: 42,16.92N , 8,43.43W, its full of fish farms, there is another place a bit further called 'Cangas' but the ferries go to and from Vigo every 30 mins all day so very busy, didnt fancy that, again fantastic scenery have taken more pics and a movie, will blog them when next on internet. Am now looking for somewhere I can have my forgotton bits, and a few new bits, posted to, by Lynne my sister, Ill look in a bar first, seem to be finding lots of contacts in bars. Oh forgot to say why I spent so long in Baiona, I have finally had to replace the last remaining battery fitted in 1994! it was on engine start duty when the other two got ruined, but has since been rotated with the two new ones, its sort of reduced the life of the battery that was on service with it so that is now a spare. I managed to get identical batteries they are 'AC Delco Freedom' Maint free.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A thought for my crew

A thought for my Crew Sue and Dick, who had to go home after crossing the Bay of Biscay. I found out yesterday that Dick has now had his operation for a hip replacement which went well, I don't have any details except that it will probably take him some time and a lot of phisiyo to get the wasted mussle back up to full strength. Heres hoping you heal up as good as new Dick, try and keep in touch and tell me how your doing!

Camarinas to Baiona

well folks after fitting the new Cranze iron I celebrated of course and went to a sardines ba-ba-q in the street. Good fun but next morning I was up at 7am and got the boat ready for sea, this included lifting the main anchor which had dragged in the F7 of the day before, when up I had a weed ball the size of my dingy, took half an hour to get it off but there inside was my anchor I thought it had gone, the kedge as normal had worked first time but hadnt felt too safe in F7 hanging on a rope.
Anchor away at 10am and off I went, at the entrance is a church right on the beach rocks so picy of that, forecast was for N or NW wind F4 to F5 perfect. It was the best days sail Ive ever had in Guiding Light, with Fred helming I was free to fine tune everything, it is also the first time Ive gone downwind for any length of time, I came up on Finistere very quickly and because everything was going so well decided to give it a miss so picy of the Cape and lighthouse. It stayed like that up till 3am next morning when the wind finally died, and I had to motor the last couple of hours and nav my way into the Ria, (lots and lots of rocks), arrived at 7-30am tying up at 0800. a couple of picys of the town.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

if success a movie of the Witches Brew

Hopefully this will work as its the first time Ive tried a video.
PS sorry Isabel but had to post this as you were so good making the brew (it tasted ok too).

Broken Cranze Iron

Pictures here are of the Broken Bowsprit Cranze Iron, now made locally in Camarinas of stainless steel to the same design.
A closeup of the frame and Hydrovane for Simon in Dickies (click to enlarge) and a couple of views of Camarians itself, one of which has Guiding Light at anchor in the background.
PS next post is about the journey to Baiona, it is were I am now, some pics as well.

Leaving A-Coruna (Sada) and Arriving Camarinas

Dont no why Images load back to front, never mind, The promised Pics of my last night in A-Coruna before leaving Sada Marina, I had decided on early doors that night, some food and the Nordeast and a few drinks in the canllela bar, wrote a text to the girls and just about to send when Isabel told me I had to go to La Madame bar to say goodbye, cut a long story but a party started as I arrived at 1130pm Isabele dressed up in medieval kit performed the making of the local brew chanting the ancient Galizian sayings, (pic 1) it was a medieval festival in Coruna, much drink Sonia closed the bar time ? 2am I think (The Bar Pic2 l-r Keka me Isabel Sonia) then off to a disco, dont remember the name but we had a good time dancing around, me like a demented idiot. Sonia took me back to Sada and dropped me there maybe 4-30 but I think it was more like 6am. Next pic is leaving Coruna with the Tower of Hercules in the foreground and next Pic is arriving at the entrance to Ria de Camarinas.