Tuesday, March 14, 2017

update March

Hi All,
Well various people have been posting pics of me on Facebook apparently, enjoy cos I can never even open my page and have never seen them!

I left St Lucia as soon as I received the cheque for the damage from 'Moorings' charter comp.
I had a nice girl (Jacks from Berlin) on board for the trip to St Maarten, she has this as her base. broke my record for the journey up island and made it in only 54 hours, this was including a 12hour heaved too stopover behind Montserrat in the lee of the island.
Had a few issues as weather wind and seas were a bit on the rough side, boats first trip after 7 months laid up and no issues of a desperate or dangerous nature experienced. flying along touching 10 knots every now and then. MAGIC
will keep up to date when I can