Wednesday, June 24, 2009

La Coruna at last

Hi All, Well at last the boat is here, I arrived at 10am yesterday, signed in the office and went to ´the wet room´ and slept till 4pm, then shower do the laundry and then to the bars, a bit of Tapas and a few Cevesa normal followed with Mejillones al vapour, very nice too.
I have now logged 951.6 nautical miles since leaving Holyhead, think Ill be opening a bottle of champane soon as the first 1000 miles is soon to be reached. Pic is titled ´Lifes a Beach´ at anchor Vivero, hope to have many like this and prob bore the pants off everyone. The deal at this brand new Marina is 2 for 1, pay one day get one free! msg for Clew, no visiters moorings anymore, fuel berth has moved and your bar is still there!
I will be designing, and hopefully making and fitting a bracket to the arse end, this to fit a mechanical crew member called ´Fred´ (wind steering auxillary rudder) made by Hydrovane I´m hoping they say it will fit ok.

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