Saturday, April 23, 2011

Antigua Classic 2

Hi Again everyone,
Update on the racing.
Well Saturday's race No 2 we crossed the line first again! this time we had done everything we could to leave the 'La Sirene' as far behind as we could, we were successfull and we did come first after corrected time! We were now even again, having both yachts with a first and a second place. So third race on Sunday and although not much wind to begin with we had enough to get going. Our start was good and we pulled away from our class, this course is called the cannon and you race out and back twice on a reach. We couldn't pull away far enough from La Sirene so we knew, although we would be first again, we would get second on corrected time. It was a magic day though, Kate had joined us for the race as well and we had a perfect sail, what a good day.
After the race all the yachts took part in the parade of sail into English Harbour, it is a fantastic spectical as the big and small yachts mix it inside the habour, the crowds and yachts cheering and showing off, a good end to make it a perfect day.
Now Mondays race, this was going to be hard, as predicted La Sirene had won Sunday's race on corrected time, which meant we now had 1 first place and they had 2 first places! we had to come first.
The wind was so light this was begining to look impossible, the race start was delayed a couple of times before we finally got our start at 10.45am. With such light wind we did as much as we could to escape from La Sirene, and were doing very well against them, as we passed the second mark first, which had been a battle to get too, the wind died completely, the whole fleet of 68 boats were becalmed, only 1 boat was still moving and that was the 'J class' 'Ranger'. After about half an hour of this, there then, over the radio, came the killer news,,,,, the commitee abandoned the race!!! what dissapointing news, we now had no chance of evening the score sheet and knew we had Second place overall!
The remaining part of the day was taken up moving the boat from Falmouth Marina to English harbour dock wall for the prize giving on Tuesday night.
So Prizegiving party went well and my crew and myself were on stage to recieve the second place prize, a beautiful engraved glass Tankard. A good result for another Antigua Classic race. When I concider this in quiet moments, I think taking part last year which was an impossible dream come true, and then being here again, well its just a fantastic achievement for a now 75 year old boat.
More later my friends.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Antigua Classic

Hi Again everyone,
Well the journey to Antigua was a bit of a battle, the forecast couldn't have been more wrong, but i made it, and arrived Wednesday morning at 0900hrs, after taking the sails down I went to the marina and moored up were I was last year. I did all the registration and customs a very busy day, Duncan who had also had a bad trip arrived in time to join in the welcome party on the AYC lawn.
So Thursday and the judging for Concourse de Elegance.....night time they gave the results and I can tell everyone I came second place this year!! there was no shame as the yacht that won I had already fallen in love with and it certainly deserved the first prize.
Now the racing starts, I have Barry, Duncan and another cuising man Don as crew, Kate will hopefully come on Sunday and Monday, Race 1 was on Friday, not much wind but a lovely day for a sail, we won our class but after corrected time found who our competition is, we had crossed the line 20 minutes before the next boat but he got first place by 6 minutes, So we have a challange on our hands. Todays race Saturday the wind had gone down even more and we had made sure our competition was a long way behind us, on the way to the second mark the commitee boat told everyone that the course was shortened and again we have come first but will have to wait and see the corrected time results to know if we have won.
There are partys galore and we are enjoying the event to the maximum.
More Later Guys and Gals

Monday, April 11, 2011

Antigua here I come

Hi again everyone,
Didnt make the Friday launch but went in on Saturday, there then started a very busy time getting the mast stepped and all the rigging sorted out, but as of Sunday 10/04/2011 1800hrs I finished and cleared from customs. I hope to be on my way this morning monday 11th, weather here is not too good, a lot of rain is forecast for the coming week ahead.
I wont be able to post any pics or text until arrival at Falmouth or English Harbour, and have internet connection again but will do my best to update.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just about ready to rumble Pics & Text

Hi Everyone,
Have posted all the latest Pics of my progress with guiding Light, the 2 here are Duncan starting to remove the caulking from the foredeck, and a Pic of the beach front clubhouse of the St Lucia Yacht Club.

I have been made very welcome again here, and last Sunday was invited to race in an Optomist race for adults! 12 brave and fearless adults took part, and Max, the present sailing instructer organised us into 2 groups of six, we then did 3 races in each group, the top 3 of those took part in the Final, I can report after coming 3rd in the group races I went through to the Final, and, I came second! winning a bottle of RUM! lovely.
The previous post of pics are as follows:-
Pic 1 = assembling the finished mast. Pic 2 = mast detailing. Pic 3 = Halfway painting the Hull. Pic 4 = Nearly finished hull and detail of mast top. Pic 5 & 6 = Bow and stern of finished Hull.
Only the deck left to finish so could be in the water with mast back in by Friday this coming week! Then after a good cleanup off to Antigua to take part in the classic racing again! I am booked in, so more news pics and fun to be had again this year, the 24th event.

Just about ready to rumble Pics