Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Begining 2009

Guiding Light is a 1936 Gauntlet 12 ton Cutter. I have owned her since late 1993.
She was restored in 1994 a lot of this work being done by myself in Southampton UK.
Her call sign and signal letters are GKGG her off No.165091
Registered home port of Beaumaris, Anglesey.
In mid 2008 I decided to undertake an extended voyage in this yacht.
Anglesey uk to New Zealand, and back, to see how far it is.
To this end preparing the yacht has been on going, various additions and renewals to her equipment list etc. and a lot of engineering updating, I am on track for leaving the UK early May 2009.
This blog will allow myself and my Crew to Post the progress of the yacht

Roy Boughton (owner Skipper).

The Yacht is presently ashore
at Gallows Point Beaumaris