Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another furkle

Hi from the Ocean,
Decided to move again today, lifted the anchor at 1300hrs and set sail for Gran Canaria, light winds were forecast and thats all I've got, its a F2 and I'm half way there, Speed: 3 knots, Course: 253 deg. Position: 28,4.42N , 14,57.36W, should arrive early morning of Wednesday 30, trying for Las Palmas to see what its like at the moment, reckon there will be quite a few ARC boats there already, (could be a party here and there as I've met a lot of guys already) will post again tomorrow on were I ended up.

Morro Jable

Hi All,
Wind got a bit strong in the afternoon (Sunday), I was tootling along merrily, doing about 4knts, and in the middle of my lunch wouldnt you just know, a nice breeze from the south, when suddenly all hell broke loose on deck, I popped my head out to see what was happening, the wind had changed 180deg in 1 second, to a strong breeze from the north, of course Fred carnt cope with things like that and a very busy half an hour followed changing everything over too the other tack. The wind stayed in the north getting up to a F5 boat 8.4knts as I came to the Headland, Punta de Morrow Jable.
Well what a suprisingly nice little place this is, but not the port, after anchoring inside for 3 hours, and dragging every couple of minutes (the wind fluking all the time) decided to go outside to the beach and anchor 200yds off, opposite the Pub! (there is a big rock to hide behind from the wind) Position: 28,2.83N , 14,21.7W, when happy I popped ashore in the dinghy for drinky poo's. There are a couple of hotels and holiday apartments here but they havn't destroyed the place at all, the beach is fantastic! I think anyone would enjoy a holiday here, it is really nice. Ended up in another bar that had a live group starting at 2300 and spent a pleasant few hours chatting to locals and listening to good music. Didn't do very much at all on Monday.
Have pic's but no internet, will post catchup later.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

move update

Hi All,
I left Purto Calero at 1200 after taking 140 ltr fuel at .65 euro per ltr. cheapest yet, gauge still shows full but took advantage.
Lovely day with a good wind from the NW. Down the east coast of Fuerteventura avaraging 5.8knts wind F3-4 on the beam, arrived in Purto Gran Tarajal at 2245 and anchored off the beach at 2300 Position: 28,12.51N , 14,1.22W. Passed an amazing beach at the north of the island, massive.
Off to have a look at Morro Jable this morning, see if I fancy staying a bit, if not will carry on to Gran Canaria as wind and forecast good with a clear day.
More later

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hi all,
Well I spent three days in Marina Rubicon, and left in the afternoon Wednesday, and just went round the corner to Playa De Las Mujere, there are 4 untouched beaches in this area, various sizes but all with golden sands, spent the afternoon and night anchored 500 yards off the beach. Posn. 28,51.18 013,47.63. Thursday not a lot of wind so left the achorage and went up the east side to Purto Calero, Posn 28,55.04 013,42.07 and booked in for 2 nights. I have been here many times before while Elect. Eng. aboard Midnight Saga 1, 2 and last time the delivery trip of Saga 3. Its a duty free place and I had a mission here. Have been trying to get an in car power supply for my Laptop, tried everwhere in UK before I left, and everywhere I've been with no success, this time Benji's duty free shop in Purto Del Carman (a short taxi ride away) had exactly what I needed, so now no more probs charging computer when in the Ogin.
My next plan is to try for Santa Cruz, Isla de la Palma, have a forecast today Sat 26 that could be perfect if it stays that way, would let me go south about with the wind going from North into the southwest, I could pass all the Ilses on the way.
Las Palmas is filling up rapidly now with the boats taking part in this years ARC rally so would be a bit hectic, I also need to see the places Ive never been, so doing the Nav. and a bit of shopping and Ill let you know were I am later, hopefully today.
PS. After getting the power supply I went to Muligans Irish bar in del Carmen and suprise, it was Guinness 250 year celibration night! well I wont go into that story here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Arrival Lanzarote

Hi Folks,
Well I arrived at last, made it to Playa Blanca in the south Marina Rubicon. That took quite a long time as I was becalmed for awhile (36hrs) wind came back from the SE so couldn't even go were I wanted, that lasted till late in the afternoon when it backed round again, only a F1 though, didn't pick up till Sat night, I received the forecast at 2300hrs and it had changed, they now said Canaries had changed from a high pressure to a high low pressure! contradiction I know but means wind will get very strong, near gale in the south, so decision time again, have been on course for Graciosa island and this was still 5 hours away, didnt want to go over the top of the Island in a high NE wind, so chose to go down the west coast to the south, this was 8 hours away, as expected the high wind hit the north Canaries as well as south (not forecasted to happen) wind kept getting stronger all night, by Sun morning I was going downwind over 8knts! too fast but couldn't slowdown, finally at 9am I got shelter from the wind and came round the bottom corner, no other pics yet, it started to pour down with rain and strong gusting wind, made putting the sails away a 2 hour effort, in the Marina Rubicon at 2pm.
Noticed Phil has joined the blog, brave man, he sails 17ft daysailors alone across the Bay of Biscay from Poole, welcome r kid, you must tell me your latest adventure, after this present one leaves you iching for another chalange.
More later

Catch up pics 5

5) Hi, these Pics are after Llew flew home. Leaving Funchal on passage for Lanzerote and passing the Ilses Desertas doing 7knts + in not very nice weather, double Sun, unfortunatly the picture dosent do it justice, far more spectacular, the Dolphins of course and the deflated football?.

Catch up pics 4

4 Hi,

These pics are the trip up the moutain to Monte Palace Gardens, with tallest vase (Guinness record) with view from Palace and 1 of swan lake, GL in the marina and 1 of Funchal sea front in early evening.
Roy + Llew

Catch up pics 3

3) Hi, these pics are sailing loose footed after the gooseneck fitting failed and arriving Porto Santo with the anchorage and beach.
Roy + Llew

Catch up pics 2

Hi, these are View of Vigo from Meria, (sardines potatoes) and trip to Atlantic Ilses + Baiona Marina and the short cut to the Islands.


Catch up pics 1

Hi to all, first set of pics, these 2 from chapel before Llew arrived.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sea life

Hi all,
Well you learn something new everyday, Friday was a complete midnight-day-midnight without wind, it left the sea glass like, but the long swell was still there, I was just pottering around the deck, adjusting this and that and kept seeing these blobs that from a distance looked like junk or deflated footballs floating about, I saw lots during the day maybe 50 to 80, so when I got bored with going nowhere I started the little green monster and went over to 'looky see' what they were. As I got closer the blob started to resolve into something, a dead sea turtle! floating very high out of the water its back very dry and salt encrusted in the searing sunlight, it seemed to have lost its flippers and its head and there were 3 others very close by in the same condition, Imagine my suprise then, when suddenly its haed and flippers popped out he poked his head above water, looked at me and then dived down deep, I could see him for a long time swimming down! I didnt know turtles sleep on the surface like that, they must be able to fill an airsack to float so high, never seen it on the telly either. The other life at sea I've never seen before was a little long legged bird with webbed feet, not much bigger than a sparrow, flying but walking on the water at the same time dipping its beak into the water with every beat and step ??? I looked at the suface to see what on earth it was eating, it was some sort of flying insect (like a mayfly with 4 wings) that had drowned, there were thousands of them over a big area, the bird I have no idea what it was. Next was the Dolphins, 4 of those I have good picies too, hope someone knows the type as again not seen them before, similar to a common dolphin but a 6" spotted stripe down each side ??
More later
Position: 29,59.2N , 14,40.7W
Speed: 5 knots, Course: 99 deg.
Local Time: 19. September 2009 20:58

Thursday, September 17, 2009

On Passage

Hi all,
Left the Marina at Funchal at 1300hrs Wed 16 on passage to the
Canaries, wind has been good for Lanzarote so far but slacking off a
bit at the moment, my present Position: 31,19.12N , 15,36.72W, Speed: 1
knots, Course: 69 deg. not good at all. have been doing over six knts
sometimes 8 since about 4 in the afternoon yesterday till 1000 today,
over 100 miles already! hopfully wind will pick up again soon, forecast
I have is NE F2-4 but not even F1 right now, a bit cloudy but warm with
a northerly swell running, just furkle-ing along.
More Later

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Moving again

Hi All
Well yesterday morning I saw Llew off to the airport, in the afternoon I received the part made locally that I needed to fix the boom, so did this today and boom and sail back to normal, the difference being that my spare mainsail is now ready to deploy in downwind conditions, requires a little more work but it will be worth the effort for the ease and peace of mind when solo. Wind and forecast is still good for Canaries at least for 3 or 4 days, think it will be Lanzarotte first, so will do some shopping tomorrow for a bit of food. Can not get internet on my laptop so will have to post pictures later. More live news from the sea next,


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Have been hit by hackers

Hello all,
Sorry about the stuff thats been coming in, have had little or no internet for a bit so was quite suprised, have put in motion a fix I hope, meanwhile please know all is being done to stop this happening.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trip to Funchal Maderia

Spent a lazy couple of days at anchor in Porto Santo, the curving beach is 9 KM long of golden sand. Shopping on Monday and Llew making enquiries about flights to go home. The forecast was good for going to Maderia on Tuesday, and after meeting some guys on another boat, they told us he could get a direct flight to Manchester from Funchal but were not sure which day. With this info we decided to head for Maderia on Tuesday which we have now done. Lifted anchor at 1300hrs and with a beam reach all the way in a F5 boat doing 6 to 8 knts we arrived l0:30pm Tuesday night, in time for a few drinks and meeting a local newspaper journalist we rounded the trip off. Will try and find an engineering shop to fix the goose neck but this journey has confirmed I could manage without the main boom!! May move the boat to a marina or anchor closer to the airport but the marina rates here are very good. The airport and runway by the way is clagged on the side of the mountain on huge stilts, quite impressive.
present Position: 32,38.69N , 16,54.62W

More Later

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Arrival Porto Santo

Hi Again,
Well sorry for not blogging on the journey but as there wasn't a lot of sunshine batteries were only being charged by the homemade water driven charger, even had to top up with the engine a couple of times.
The half way celebration was a resounding success, instead of a beer I roasted a chicken with roast potatoes, and cauli/brocc with oceans of gravy. It was really good and I will have to recommend these roast-in bags that Sue put on board, they are the best.

We had very good wind and have made quite a fast passage, we were slowed down on Tuesday when the wind went to the north and speed dropped away, but on Wednesday it went into the NE. This wasn't good either as we couldn't now keep our course and meant we had to gybe, now theres a story.

I went forward and released the boom preventer and the running backstay ready for the gybe when the boat gybed on its own, this was a gentle one as not much wind about, the main sheet was right out so the boom leaned against the other backstay and sort of bounced back, I had flattened myself half way back on deck, and didnt notice the sheet rope had caught the pin of the mainsheet block and undid it!!! this gives the main sheet another 6 feet of travel and the boom did just that and bumped the mast stays, suprisingly it didnt stop there, there was a snap and the 1" solid bronze pin holding the boom in the goose neck fitting snapped clean in half, the boom now released started to swing dangarouse. Managed to secure everything no problem and through it all Fred was driving the boat merrily along on course, with the mainsail now stowed on the boom speed went down a lot and I was to tired to think of solutions and went to bed! When compos mentis again I came up with an idea of putting the sail back on the mast and taking the foot sliders off the boom leaving the main loose footed and sheeting the clew direct, meant another lot of hard work but when all done sail now flying we were doing a knot more then with the boom!. After another argument with a merch boat I found it as no problem at all to gyb tack or do any normal practice without the boom in fact it made it so easy I will not be using the boom at all on the downwind legs of this journey! All boat speeds logged on the map after 8pm on Wednesday are without the boom.

We have since managed to keep our average daily mileage and arrived in Porto Santo at exactly 0930 same time as we left the marina last Sunday. Total miles traveled 697.8 in 6 days, not bad going for a 73 year old boat. Position: 33,3.57N , 16,19.9W


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

En route to Arquipelago Da Madeira

Half Way to Porto Santo
Hi all, we shall pass the halfway stage today, Carolyn will post the latest map positions later.
Having a very good sail, Llew and myself are not tired and getting plenty of time to eat and sleep.
Will have to celibrate this half way point, have a beer each I think.
This is short I know but battery power consumption must be concidered.
More tomorrow.