Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Test Message

Hi all again,
further to the blog this morning,
This is another test as Carolyn and myself still have an issue with posting, hope this time its ok
Forgot to mention how many hrs the engine has been running as if anyone is interested, well when on the point in Beaumaris it was up to 594 that was when the engine blew up! so since then we went to Holyhead, Beaumaris, Liverpool, Holyhead, and the journey to Falmouth, Gijon, Ria de Vivero and La Coruna. Concidering the times I was charging the Batts and fixing probs which is all included the hour counter now stands at 724 only 130hrs for this trip so far, I had full fuel in liverpool before leaving last year and we fueled up in Falmouth, not empty, Im not empty now either. So fuel wise engine is doing ok and is economical.
present boats Position: 43,22.4N , 8,23.9W.

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  1. Hi Roy how are things aboard the Guiding Light? She looks great. I went to me dads last night & he told me to look at your blog on the internet?.... I asked him wat a BLOG was as I wasn't 100%!! & he looked at me blankley I think he just said it to make him look good.... But I will tell him now so he can say it to other people & actually feel cool....Instead of stupid? When & were do u sail to next? That is if you dare part with the Guiness bar you found?? ha ha lots of love & good wishes Laura Brown xxx PS Wendy says hi & hopes your well & happy. xx