Sunday, February 20, 2011

Antigua Update

Hi everyone,
Well I arrived ok and was met by Barry a good friend here, I was invited to spend the night at his and Kates house which I did.
Next day found myself onboard again yipee, I got straight to work making sure all my comms would work, and download those drivers that were missing from those that didn't. i can report that except for the chart program for the laptop, everything is AOK again, so now to make plans on what to do and how I will proceed on the adventure.
I will have to organise myself as its been awhile since having to think 'boat'.

That was the first week here, I have now come to the conclusion that I will only feel safe and normal again by leaving Jolly Harbour, have looked at many options to do the TLC that is required, it means launching the boat going somewhere and pulling her out again though, a pain.
After searching around have been made an offer from IGY Rodney Bay which will suit me very well, it does mean going south instead of north, and all though i am behind schedule by 3 months I think I can make the time up.
The latest news is I will be launching tomorrow Monday 21 Feb at 2pm local time, have spent time on making sure everything is ok. Started with all through hull valves, one needed replacing and 3 were siezed solid, but as a mention the 5 orignal gate valves from 1936 were working ok and only required a bit of grease. The engine is ok as well, all charging circuits and batteries also ok, so ready for the in. Bending sails on today, will do a day sail maybe Tues. Wed. to make sure nothing else is wrong then choose the day to head for St Lucia
Will try and remember to take pics with the new camera tomorrow and post them before I leave.
More Later

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Headless Chicken Day

Well Hi everyone,
As you all know I have been re-assembling my life identity back again in the UK, and have been due to return to Antigua tomorrow 10th Feb. All documents and items had been checked off, leaving only the cash amount to transfer to the bank for my budget. That was all 2 weeks ago, then things began to go wrong! BARCLAYCARD chose this opertune moment to refuse athenticating my card, after much bother they chose to send another, this came about 5 days later and was acknowledged by me on the phone. 2 days after that they blocked the card again!!??!!! so today with my flight tomorrow still no card!!! 2 1/2 hrs on the phone today still no card. Well I'm going without it, Its done my head in, and I have prob. forgot something important whilst trying to pack and sort this lot out at the same time.
I will be traveling tomorrow, Thursday 10th Feb, arriving in Antigua at 15:00hrs. Will let you all know what happens next.