Monday, December 19, 2011

@ St Thomas Dec. 2011 No.2

Hi all,
I have been moving the jack around every day for a week now. Frames have responded very good. This shot was taken whilst sitting on the bog, its the only place left I can have a sit down!

Pic 1 = view looking aft from my Head
I Have also been moving back on board to stay. So I needed electrics, I was going to leave this till later but forgot it gets dark of a night.
First night aboard it was so dark its a wonder I didn't kill myself, many bumps on the head and banged shins/elbows etc.
It took a bit of courage to remove the panels hiding my electrics, and the first thing to greet me was the Global Satellite Comms Interface unit, hence Pic 2 = sat comm panel with cover removed.

The overall view wasn't any better either, hence pic 3 = elec. work to do.

Most of what you see here is all corroded after being under water. First day after rescue was spent drowning in there with the fresh water hose, but it was all live when the salt water level reached this high, I had a feeling it wouldn't be good in here.
So the last couple of days has seen me replace all 16 breakers, and all connector strips and buss bars. I have had to re make all cable ends to. At time of writing this, I have nearly finished all the lighting and power circuits. Engine + monitoring and Nav instruments will have to wait till later.

More later guys.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Going Native

Hi Everyone,
Well everywhere I have been so far I have found 'project boats'. They are usually in need of lots of TLC, but they are owned by people who are not rich, and they can only fix things slowly. Some will never journey again, even though the owner still tries to make the required repairs.

I have always seen these very down to earth people, everyone a 'charecter', that are well worth talking too, going back and forth to their moorings using outboard motors and dingies of dubious age and condition. After the reef, my outboard fits in with this local scene perfectly, hence the pics. 
The dingy its on was kindly lent to me by Chis of Custom Canvas and Sails Inc.

The next pics are of my shattered anchor windlass, it sits in the bar at 'Bottoms Up' at the boatyard. Only one foot remains still attached. This winch took the full force of the attempted tow off on the night I ran up the reef, 30-10-20011. It didn't pull out of the deck.

more later

Sunday, December 11, 2011

@ St Thomas Dec. 2011 No.1

Hi everyone,
Well at last I have an internet connection using a new laptop sent from UK.

photo 1 = bunk and panels removed showing 5 of the damaged frames.

So first posting. I am going to try and post at least once a week, more if something happens.
I've been very busy trying to salvage tools and equipment. Also I have been removing the starboard side bunk and panels. I bought a new Bosch ossilating tool, as, when I opened my Fein toolbox it was full of salt water, with everything rusty. I suspected the electrics were U.S. I have been using it to remove the caulking on the damaged area of planks. Then I needed to use another attachment. I cleaned up the rusy ones as I needed them. While doing this I took the tool itself to bits, and to my suprise I was able to fix it. So I now have a 220 volt tool and a US 120 volt tool.
After doing all that I then sourced a 2" pipe of the correct length, using this and one of the boat stand adjusters, I have been jacking the broken frames back into original position from the inside.
Photo 2 = pic of jacking out the frames.

So far I have been doing this for three days and have had really good results. The planks on the starboard side are just about back in position after being squashed flat on the reef.

I have made a deal with the boatyard manager, this is to stay here for 6 months while repairs are carried out. I have to decide now how or what method to use to replace the frames

More later, as I go with the repairs.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pictures Showing the damage

Three saved batteries and temp wiring for engine start and charging

interior shot after about 5 bin bags filled and dumped, still a mess

Starboard side planks with car sticker.
Frames here are all broken insideon

broken starboard frames before bunk removal

 view of damage to port side planks

Tub and pump for running engine

Another view of the damage