Monday, October 13, 2014

update 13-10-14

Hi All,
Have not been having much fun getting internet, the reason for not posting anything for some time.
I have in the meantime been here in Grenada, done a lot of meeting new people, fixing boat engines and electrics, surviving tropical depressions! I got hit by 1 of which hit at 0530hrs, my boat just started sailing and was doing about 5 knots ahead when it reached the anchor behind me, so off I went towards the entrance reef! mad panic to start the engine and stop the boat, kept her into the wind going backward as wind about 55-60knts! eventally the anchor re set itself, and when I could see again I had only moved about 100yards thank goodness!
The weather here has been very hot and humid 96% Rel. with lots of rain, I am looking forward to November and the end of hurricane season now