Tuesday, November 24, 2015

On The Move.

Hi all,

I have done the fiddly bits that required emptying the boat onto the dock, fixed permanently the galley stove after finally finding out the cause of the fire, have only been able to use 1 burner since then, and its been like camping.
Also fixed the water maker after innovating a way to make it work, without having to send it back to Europe for them to do it. Thought I had fixed it last time I had a go at it.
So now I am happy with just about everything that needs to work even the toilet seat has been repaired.
I am leaving Rodney Bay sometime today or early tomorrow, bound for the Virgin Islands, I will miss the ARC boats arriving after the rally, but I need to start early going north.
If all goes well I will try and visit the Turks and Cacos before heading south again for the 2016 classics, if its to tight a time scale Classics will get priority.
More coming

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Better late than never

Yes again at last I have internet,
Hi Every One, @ Tyrell Bay, Carriacou
After the launching I was able to do a couple of jobs because the boat was good, hardly any water coming in. I could even take time to go swimming and enjoying myself! Took her for a test sail and everything was working good.
Towards the end of October 'Susie' aboard 'Spirited Lady' came back from Grenada to celebrate her 60th Birthday. This is what I had been waiting here for, she had had it all arranged for some time and I had an invite which just couldn't missed. Also I was able to leave the boat all day if need be as I had my confidence back at long last.
Susie's party was to last over a week! It all started in the 'Lazy Turtle' Pizzeria Bar Restaurant, with an Evening Party 'Wear a Wig'. Many of her friends had flown out from UK to take part in all the festivities, so all the following pic's were taken during the week.

Susie and guess who, wearing our wigs

party Lazy Turtle

party Lazy Turtle

Next day at Hillsborough, the boat is picking us all up from the beach for a tour of the Tobago Cays and other islands.  

There is a turtle birthing beach at the top end of Carriacou


We ended up visiting Palm Island, Mayreau, Jamesby, Baradal, Rameau, and ended up for lunch at Chatham Bay Union Island, where we enjoyed 16 lobster dinners

Preparing the lobsters for the bar b q

Restaurant at Chatham Bay, Union Island
We went to the Lamby Queen restaurant that night for a live band and snacks and a Bongo Drum Session later.

Next Day it was Sandy Island for Snorkeling in Timo's boat

This cruising Lady,' Son was also having his Tenth Birthday

And Valentines Dad Francis, They have all become good friends since last year.

Then it was the official combined Birthday Party at the Slipway Restaurant, Susie 60 years Valentine 10 years and Susie's yacht 'Spirited Lady' 7 years

Susie and Susie's Party called Posh Frocks and Colorful Shirts

Next Day we went to White Island for an all day BBQ drinks swimming snorkeling walking you name it. (forgot my camera)
Had a party on her boat that night as well.

Next day it was BBQ on the local beach as a separate party just for Valentine, I rigged the dingy into sailing mode, and good fun was had by all, again a booze up at Lamby Queen followed.

As my visa was due on the 2nd of November I prepared the boat for a trip up to Rodney Bay as I needed a pile of bits and bobs from the hardware store. Susie was again going to Sandy Island for a snorkeling session that day, so after I was happy I left the mooring and motored to the island to join in and say a fond farewell to everyone. When that was over I hoisted sail at 1730hrs and set course for St Lucia, the weather wasn't the best, and the forecast was again wrong,
Extract of Log

M    Monday 2nd November 2015:

Cleared Customs in Carriacou and went for last breakfast at Gallery Cafe. Returned to boat and weighed anchor, as Susie and her party had gone to Sandy Island I motored there and picked up a mooring. Rowed ashore to say a farewell to everyone, and with that completed I went back to the boat, at 1730hrs with sails hoisted I left the mooring bound for St. Lucia.
Forecast Winds East 10 to 15kts , Seas 4 to Six feet
Engine Hours 48.6 at start
approx 130 Nm to Rodney Bay.
Wind East at 10 knts.
Half way to St. Vincent the wind started to back into the North East and I couldn't keep my course, decided not to try and see what happens. Wind kept on backing until it was in the NNE by N. I eventually had to motor and by 0500hrs Tuesday having had many thunder heads pass by I was halfway past St. Vincent.
As I approached the north of the island the seas became very rough and confused, the wind was continuously shifting in direction and strength, I kept the engine running and made good my course for St Lucia. I was well offshore and gradually the swell calmed down. My ETA for arrival was now over 12 hours in an NE wind, and it was already 1200hrs. Kept the engine on and motor sailed the whole way up the coast of St Lucia, and arrived in Rodney Bay at 1600hrs. I dropped sail and motored into the marina, docking at 1730hrs Tuesday 3rd November 2015, exactly 24hrs from Sandy Island.
Engine Hours 54.4 at finish. 5.8hrs in total
Weather experienced on journey, Winds NNE to NE, 10 to 25knts, Seas 4 to 20 feet
Went to the bar for a well earned beer and something to eat.

WWednesday 4th November 2015:

Cleared Customs into St Lucia and registered the boat with Marina office.
Rigged dingy and boat for lifting up, outboard fitted.
Sourced Speedy Stitcher.
Removed Mainsail for repair and lost batten renewal.
Fitted awnings.
Connected to shore power and water.
Weather sunny getting cloudy in afternoon, Rain in the evening.


TThursday 5 November 2015, Gunpowder Treason and Plot.

Alongside D10
Raining this morning

FFriday 6th November

Raining this Morning. And then the heavens opened and torrential rain fell all day, I have never experience rain like that in my life, they had many floods ashore and a few deaths as well!!! 

Saturday wasn't quite as bad but we had a lot of rain just the same, I made it and got internet but as I was writing this blog it failed so couldn't send it

Sunday today and I am still on line pressing the post button Now 

More coming