Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hi everyone,
Well all has gone well with the new engine, the sea trials were successful and the engine performed flawlessly. 15 mins @ half throttle, 15 mins @ 75% and 15 mins @ 100% the engine achieved 2,400 rpm @ 100%, that's only 200 rpm short of maximum power output of this engine which means the propeller size of 16x11 left handed and the gearbox ratio of 1.96:1 are a good match.
I was delayed leaving Rodney Bay by the weather for a couple of days, but on the Saturday 2nd of August the weather turned good with a good 3 day forecast.
I had a bit of a rush as I didn't know it was holiday weekend for their Independence day celebrations, so didn't get to buy some materials for fixing and painting as all was closed. I then found out the fuel dock was closing at 12.30, so I dumped everything on deck and went there to fuel just in time.
After that I tidied up the boat ready for sea and my trip to Carriacou for repairs, and at 17.15hrs put the sails up and then left the dock on passage, many people spotted me leaving and waved me off.
Once outside I found the wind as predicted a bit light, so made the decision to make this journey a real first time full test of the new engine, that would mean to make a fast passage by motor sailing to keep the boat speed up at 6.5 knts the whole way!
So started it and with full sail working as well set the rpm at 1500. 24 hours later at 1800hrs Sunday 3rd I was rounding the headland into Tyrell Bay Carriacou. The engine had ran spot on for 22hrs none stop. I would say that's a pass on this engines performance and also the installation.

Only one problem raised its head, I developed a new bad leak around the stern post, and sitting at anchor I was taking in a lot of water, this was putting an unfair strain on all my bilge pumping equipment (I was sinking again, dam) and a couple of things went wrong with it. 2 of the 3 none return valves stuck, and a float switch failed, this noticed at 0400hrs Tuesday, because water at floor level. Needless to say I had a scary few hours sorting it all out, one had stuck open, one had stuck shut, a piece of rubber had blocked the 3 way valve and it all meant water was coming in and not getting pumped out! And with pumps running continuously. this meant the batteries had gone flat (just to add to the drama) I ran the engine to use the pump I fitted to that and charge the batteries at the same time, but that had the rubber bit in the 3 way valve and the stuck open valve which meant not a lot of water was going out as a good half was circulating back into the boat!
Cut a long novel of events, I convinced the yard to haul me out ASAP with a lot of help from my cruising friends who were here at the anchorage (thanks guys).

After that the next day Wednesday 5th I got stuck in with repairs as per the pics, its now Sunday and I will take today off and probably clean the dingy on the beach and have a swim, if it stops raining that is.
So hopefully I will be posting this to the blog from the Gallery Cafe, Sally and Paul's place, on the beach front, while I enjoy a full English breakfast! HP sauce too, paradise, but someone has to do it.

first remove new toe rail
then take the damaged covering board off
then the caulking from the loose planks
then a quick sand to find the fasteners and remove them(all were broken)
removed caulking from keel as well
tother side
damaged board on the plank I bought last year
planks now with all fasteners out
deck beams at the bow (all had moved from position
damaged bolt on stemhead knee
It didn't stop raining and when I got to the cafe it was closed till after this years carnival which ends next Wednesday this blog was posted today as the first opportunity I have had.