Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Hi Everyone,
No Pics today cos left the camera on the boat!
Have just about finished tidying up Apollo after giving a lot of the wood a fresh coat of varnish, She is looking good now. Have been moving my clothes  to Apollo via 'Suds' laundry as it's nice and dry there, make a change from wearing damp T shirts.
St Lucia is now in the rainy season and we have been getting a lot of it. Trinidad got it very bad and had lots of flooding.
Boats are both at anchor, I do have some pics to post next time I come into the marina, I have been toying with the idea of filming the journey from the fleet to the internet place and show some of the scenery on the way so look out for that later. will also post the pics of Apollo when I have all the jobs done.
So will sign off now, being a long way outside, I have to choose the right time to get ashore, need at least 1 hour!