Monday, June 15, 2009

Northeastern Spanish 'Ria's

As the weather is still very cloudy/warm with little wind, decided to do a couple of hops on my way to La Caruna. This coast line from the sea is very forbidding, and can be very rough in bad weather, its a bit like the rocky Cornish coast, just as spectacular. Seeing the Atlantic swell crashing against the rocks as you navigate into the Ria entrance, even with no wind is a sight to see. So I Left Gijon 2.30pm Sat.afternoon 13/06 for the 100ish mile journey to 'Ria de Vivero' arriving here at 1800hrs Sunday night. I was very tired after the trip but decided to anchor just off the curving sandy beach were the river joins the Ria. This meant a lot more work, just when you think you've finished, the dingy has to be pumped up, outboard motor unshipped and fitted, but the little dingy trip up the river to the Marina and the the local football bar in the old town with free Tapas, a nice cool beer and a Fag, all at the same time, it just makes it all worth while. Position: 43,40.49N , 7,36.2W. Had a wonderfull quiet nights sleep and awoke to a flat calm. The scenery here is something else!

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  1. Hi Roy, hope you are having good weather. Tried to text + call you on your mobile following your message yesterday but not getting through, have you got roaming switched on?