Thursday, July 18, 2013

Update from home

Hi Everyone
Just thought I would share, with those of you who have only heard of where I live, some Pic's.
Also a couple of pic's of the model boat I built of Guiding Light some years ago.

This pic is looking over the Menai Straights towards the Snowdonia Mountain Range in North Wales. This from the sea wall below my house.

This pic is our beach, my house is one of those facing, close up next pic

This pic shows the house, ID block of 4 facing, numbered from right to left 1, 2, 3, 4corner
mine is No. 2

General view of the moorings at half tide, looking towards our boatyard on Gallows Point. If you look into the far distance you can see the suspension bridge.
This pic is a close up of Menai Bridge, built by Thomas Telford, and connects us to the Mainland
Pic of Model GL

Detail Pic
fwd view
Another view, this one with our pier in the background

I am still organizing things here, going to the East Coast tomorrow, in prep for the wedding on Saturday.