Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mega post with Pics

Hi Everyone,
Well I have a good internet connection just for today, so have uploaded 32 pics of recent work and test journey + more work, I have mentioned all in my last update text post, so only doing captions otherwise I'll be here all day. My present plan as at 02-04-13 is to try and leave St Thomas sometime in the coming 2 weeks, I will be bound for Antigua as the final destination, this is to take part in the 2013 Classic Regatta. After this my mind is a blank page as to what happens next, the interior isn't finished yet, and neither is the deck and cabin roof, but good enough for this little adventure.
first haul out at Roadtown to fix BIG leaks

Launch day

I went for a swim

at anchor on a little island

no one else there, but boat still leaking bad

second haul out at Roadtown Tortola

stopwater repaired

Stern tube ready for repacking

The second hand replacement shaft

refurbished shaft, old shaft (red) and new type coupling note different taper

brand new left hand Dynajet propeller

Fitting the coupling and pully after shaft cut and keyed

fitting the overhauled shaft alternator
a quiet spot in Sopers Hole after re launching and testing
and a beer to celebrate no more leaks
a busy spot in Sopers Hole at Pusser's Bar and shop
view of the anchorage 1 and 2
Back at St Thomas, work begins on windlass and foredeck
Had to remove pad and re drill the mountings to fit new windlass
with pad in new position and sealed to deck, many holes to fill
windlass stripped and being overhauled, all bits being fitted in new housing
with repaired deck cleats and windlass fitted and deck sealed
fore deck, as is now, with temp teak repair to starboard toe rail
repairs to damaged deck begins
caulking the seams

now to clean her up before pics