Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 1st update

Hi all,
I am so early leaving Antigua this year, no sinking monthly visit to the slipway boat yard for repairs this year WoW.
I am now in Nevis, I arrived here last Saturday early evening, and I am leaving on the 15th to St Martin/St Maarten, It will depend on getting the fine tuning done to the boat, couple of items left to do to make life easier. Some cosmetic work as well, the cabin is a tip and I need new cushions in the saloon. This post is coming from the Double Deuce beach bar and restaurant, civilised with good food and Internet !!!! will get in touch when at St Martin, will then know more about what is suposed to happen next. Had a few maintenance  prob's due to lack off on my part, all now done.
more coming