Friday, September 8, 2017

Hurricane Irma and Jose ( in Spanish)

Hi Everyone,
Well this is just to let everyone know that the 2 hurricanes are far away from Grenada where I am at the moment, at the beginning of this season all the bad weather was down here in this area, the boats that came this way early had some bad tropical storms to deal with, so everyone planning had a decision to make...go south or took me awhile to make that decision, but knowing the history of these hurricanes I decided  to leave it for a bit then come down at the end of July, I am now patting myself on the back for that decision. BUT !! the season doesn't end till end of November, so I am keeping a wary eye on the weather, this link is the site I follow, I choose WIDE View and can watch with only an hour delay of present storms approaching and there forecast tracks. ><
So keep a watch and feel very sorry for anyone in their path. I've been in quite a few during my travels and know just how frightening these storm winds can be when they hit you, imagine sitting on the wing of a jet air-plane taking off !! its even worse that that !!