Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Work progress

Hi Everyone,
Well still keeping very busy.
When investigating the damage to the stern Deadwood, I found that all the bolts had come loose. As this also supports the rudder skeg it has to be fixed. So have begun this as well.
Pic 1 = work on deadwood and rudder. pic 2 = three frames now removed. F11, F14, F15.

Pics 4/5 = Interior after cleaning off the old paint ready to measure up and fit new frames.
Jack will have to stay there till the first three new frames are in and fastened.

I am going back to St Maarten tonight (Tuesday) and will be there for a week to 10 days, lots to do there too.

Friday, January 13, 2012

More news

Hi everyone,
Quick update, I recieved word that a boat needed fixing in St Maarten.
I flew there on Sunday and fixed a few things. Came back yesterday. Going back next week to sort out some more.
Very welcome input of working capital.

more later


Friday, January 6, 2012

Hi again everyone,
Internet again so more photos.
First three 1= Iguana in the top of a tree behind GL.
2 + 3 = removing the Garboard Plank.

So I had to relax, and went to 'Las Vagas Night' a fund raising for the St Thomas Montisori School before Xmas.
1 = general view 2 = my date for the evening Erin 3= Sanding the Hull after moving the boat

Back to work and the first frame is removed. 1 = frame removed 2 = Frame on bench 3 = View from the room where Evelyne and Chris let me stay.

Pics of prorgress. 1 + 2 = Garboard removed Pic 3 = Hull sanded and Rig for pulling the boat back into shape.

pics 1 = second frame removed. 2 = New Years Party at 'Bottoms Up', Doug, Erin and me, Sam and me

So taking a little time off here and there.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Greetings to all from St Thomas

Wishing all my friends and family far and near a very Happy Christmas
and all best wishes for 2012, and Happy Sailing to boatie folk.
Apologies for not contacting those who I usually do - this all due to
the fact that Guiding Light was moved to another part of the boatyard,
the far end, where I can't get internet any more!!!! I only had the
internet connection for a few days,the move was just before Christmas
too, when I most wanted it to get in touch with everyone. I'll have to
get something sorted out again.
Still working hard on the boat, everyone here impressed by my
determination to get GL seaworthy again.Progress slow but steady, I've
been able to get back to partly living on board again. Christmas has
been very pleasant here as I know lots of people now.le
So to one and all, lets hope 2012 will be a good year for us, I'll be
raising a glass or two to drink to Good Health and a Happy New Year!