Sunday, May 2, 2010

May update

Hi all,
Fred has been put back again with slight mod to frame, I'm hoping this will make it stronger for the return across the Atlantic, I will test it first of course, right now the latest part to fail are the heater plugs on my engine, its never started without them, so engine is a no go at the moment. This Atlantic crossing is the tough one, weather can change on a daily basis, right now the Azores high is over Bermuda?? so as the days go by I will be keeping a close eye on weather developments, as I said before there are quite a few going back to UK, we are arranging a Net so we can keep in touch, important to swop info on passage.
I have been contacted by the Helicopter photo team to view the photo's they took of GL, they did tell me they had some really good shots from the air in the AYC one night but said I had to wait to see them, I've had a look and WOW. check will have to save up to get a few of those for GL's history file, and my wall!
have some e-mailing to do so more later.

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