Monday, May 24, 2010


Hi to all,
Well decision was made and I lifted the anchor and left Jolly Harbour at 0715 Sunday 23rd May 2010.

For the first few hours the wind was fairly light, so a pleasant trip round the top of Antigua through the Sandy Island passage, and then past St Johns to Starboard.

As Guiding Light started to head out into the Atlantic Ocean, I began to reflect on all that has happened to bring me to this point of heading back towards the UK. The journeys, the sights and sounds, and very important to me, the people I've had the pleasure to meet. So many people, a lot of whom I didn't really get to say a proper goodbye too. Every where I met such nice normal people I feel a bit sorry to have inflicted myself upon them, giggle, but I wouldn't have missed these times for quidsrillian amounts of cash. An invitation stands from me, that if anyone is anywhere near where I live in UK, please get in touch, you would be so welcome to stay and pay me a visit in Beaumaris Anglesey.

As the evening closed in, a dark ominous cloud was approaching me from the south east, as it got closer the wind veered to the south from the east, and at 1900hrs I was hit with a thunder storm, 35-40knts with horizontal rain, lightening, thunder, the full works, GL was bouncing around like a spring chicken with all sails flying, jumping off the top of the swell at 7+knts and flying down the back, crashing into the troughs sending great plumes of water and spray into the air, it was taking all I had just to hang on, so again I eased the sheets a little, I made sure Fred was happy, then went below and closed the hatch, a cuppa and a fag in hand, I watched the show, pretty spectacular to say the least! That one had past me by 2030hrs, as I came out I could see lightening everywhere around me, North South East and West, so have spent he night going through one after another, this didn't stop me making my dinner in the pressure cooker of four pints of lamp neck very lumpy soup, (watery stew) and very nice it is too.

And as I write this my present Position: 17,54.34N 060,03.36W Speed: 6 knots, Course: 75 deg.

more later


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