Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Movements

Hi All,
Now I know engine is a none starter, I have decided to cross 'A' without it, specially since insurers have said 'hull and Machinery' which I insured the boat for, doesn't mean the Engine! seems 'Machinery' and what it does mean is beyond me.
They have informed me that I am now 'Prudently uninsured' something else, that that statement is beyond my understanding.
Sugest everyone with a boat with a similar hull and machinery cover, checks what it means.
Tested the new Mod to 'Fred' by sailing round Montserrat at full blast, everything went very well, better design now than before.
Monserrat was very erie in the moonlight, the ash flows from the volcano look like an avalanch of snow has happened, there are people still living very close to it still.
I am at Jolly Harbour anchorage Antigua now, Position: 17,04.54N 061,53.92W, final shopping and customs clearance and I will be on my way heading for 'Horta', on east side of 'Faial' in the 'Arquipelago Dos Acores'.
More Later

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