Monday, May 17, 2010

May update 4

Hi again to all,
Stupid engine even with new bits still refuses to cooperate and point blank refuses to start ......... those dots are swear words, but every cloud has a silver lining so I now have a brand new green anchor! deploying it will be slow, think I need a 28lb sledge hammer for that. So I am going to be on the move again, hoping tomorrow will be good for a test sail, its been tropical rain storms and squalls (30knts) here for over a week now, test is from here Falmouth, and a 360 deg round Montserrat and back to Jolly Harbour to clear out, store up, then offsky to Horta in the Azores. Have a very kind offer from Berthons Brian May for a week either side of the regatta in Berthons Marina at half price! I will just have to see what the weather and ocean have to say about that.
More Later


  1. Hello Roy,
    It was great to see Guiding Light in this months Classic Boat. She was owned by my parents from 1957 to 1960 and we had many happy times on the West coast of Scotland. Congratulations on having her in such beautiful condition - just as I remember her. Douglas Murray

  2. Hello Roy,

    Hope you can make it safely without motor. Seems a bit hasardous to me but you have been in more difficult situations I guess! What can you do with a motor in the middle of the Atlantic anyway? Hope to see you soon and keep us posted on the classic boat race in UK. it is closer to home and you might need a fan club there!

    Lots of love,