Friday, May 7, 2010

May update 2

Hi everyone,
Well I am still waiting for my engine bits to arrive, it has gone very quiet here now, Antigua Race Week has finished as well and a lot of boats have now left, leaving the anchorage quite empty. It has given me time to ponder on what happens next, and as I looked through all the free mag's I was given, something popped up and grabbed my attention.... the British Classic Yacht Club, Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge 2010!!! in July at Cowes IOW....WHAT IF??? its just a thought, it could be good though.

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  1. G'day Roy.. excellent adventures to date mate..
    Head straight for the Azores, done the trip twice, once in 01 and again in 07... worst was 7's gusting 8's in line squalls for about 2hrs..
    You'll love Horta, after that head for Terciera and drop the hook at Praia de Vittoria to recover before the last leg to the UK...
    Enjoy it, its a lot more fun and interesting than the 'Easy Run'
    Hope you like Whales, dolphins and turtles.. you'll be seeing a few..
    Fair winds and comfortable sea's mate

    Phil(Corribee 21, Baiona)