Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May update 3

Hi to all again,
Well I have never talked much about mundane matters as I didn't want to bore people to death, maintaining the fixtures and fittings has been a daily routine, fixing what wears out, greasing winches and the such like, but this engine of mine is going to be used as an anchor soon if it doesn't start behaving itself, the past week its given me so much grief, grrrrr. So still waiting for parts, if they come and engine wont work, I will be sailing home with no engine, taking it out here is not possible due to time.
I welcome any new people who watch or follow the blog, and I always enjoy reading the comments, I'll say hi to Phil, looking at the weather r kid, I will be following your suggested route. I am beginning to get excited and raring to get going again as
I plan this part of the journey, more adventures to come I think.

As a footnote, in case I make it in time, I have officially entered GL in the British Classic Yacht Club Regatta at Cowes IOW in July, sponsored by Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge 2010, and a regatta magazine sponsored by Berthon Boat Comp.
Lets hope it all goes to the mouse's plan ( the G.)

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