Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trip to Funchal Maderia

Spent a lazy couple of days at anchor in Porto Santo, the curving beach is 9 KM long of golden sand. Shopping on Monday and Llew making enquiries about flights to go home. The forecast was good for going to Maderia on Tuesday, and after meeting some guys on another boat, they told us he could get a direct flight to Manchester from Funchal but were not sure which day. With this info we decided to head for Maderia on Tuesday which we have now done. Lifted anchor at 1300hrs and with a beam reach all the way in a F5 boat doing 6 to 8 knts we arrived l0:30pm Tuesday night, in time for a few drinks and meeting a local newspaper journalist we rounded the trip off. Will try and find an engineering shop to fix the goose neck but this journey has confirmed I could manage without the main boom!! May move the boat to a marina or anchor closer to the airport but the marina rates here are very good. The airport and runway by the way is clagged on the side of the mountain on huge stilts, quite impressive.
present Position: 32,38.69N , 16,54.62W

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